Starkey Halo 2 i1600 Lowers all sounds during louder/constant noise


Just thought I’d see if someone else has had the same issues as me. So randomly my hearing aid started almost shutting off when there is any louder constant noise around me. Such as, road noise in a car, music, some sounds of the TV, blender… The noise cancellation setting is also turned off.

They were recently sent in for repair because one stopped working and then once I got them back they worked flawlessly they seemed. Then the other day I went in for a cleaning was all and shortly after they seemed like the noise cancellation got randomly turned on and was super sensitive. So I went back and the audiologist reloaded the last settings we had. It worked fine for about a day and gradually went back to the sensitive noise cancelling again.

Anyone have this issue? I think the cleaning was just a coincedence but not sure. My guess is just faulty hearing aids that will need to be sent in for repair again.



Starkey’s Inspire Fitting software has a simulate tool that let’s you observe (or fiddle with) simulated settings. You should discuss your Environment Manager settings with your Audi so you can learn a little about what your hearing aids are doing for you (or to you).

The first four comfort settings are either on or off;

But if you click “details” on the Directionality Setting it has several modes;

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PVC thank you for the response… are these screen shots from the program that my audi has? He usually shows me on a screen everything he does. This looks close to what he uses but slightly different. Anyways, I have had him turn everything off on my normal setting manly because it bugged the crap out of me when it would adjust for different noises going on. I don’t think it was working correctly. So now they just randomly turn it all back on. Mainly trying to figure out if something might trigger the change.

Side note: he wears the the same kind without any issues so it’s not that he doesn’t understand them either.



Yes, he uses Starkey Inspire Fitting software. The last image is a pop-up when you click “details” on the Directionality Mode. So your Directionality Mode can be set to Omni, Directional, Dynamic, or Adaptive.



Can you explain what the four different settings do? I’d like to potentially fiddle with that on my Halo’s.



Oh, I guess I was wrong about the first 4 settings being limited to On/Off.

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Very informative! We switched all those settings off and changed it to omni the other day and I haven’t had issues with them blocking all sounds out. I think my HAs need sent in for repair to get them to be able to use those settings correctly…