Starkey HA

Hi, I have bilateral moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss and have worn HA since the age of 4. For the past 11 years I have worn Phonak’s BTE (analog model, not sure the specifics). Recently, one stopped working and I was told to upgrade to the digital model by Starkey (Destiny 1200). I have been wearing them for the past week, and unfortunately I do not care for them. I work in the hospital and when I enter new environments my aids automatically change/readjust and I hear differently in each ear. I’m starting to get headaches and feel nauseated at times. I have a f/u appt. with my audiologist, but am not sure if I’ll find a setting that I’ll like. Has anyone with my type of hearing loss had similar experiences or have recommendations on which HA would be ideal for my type of hearing loss? Also, I paid double the price that was quoted on Has anyone purchased HA through them and if so, what was your experience like? Thanks in advance for any information that may be helpful.

I have fitted dozens of patients with these aids, and I have never had that problem. I think they just need to be adjusted correctly. Frankly, you shouldn’t give up until you have had several follow up visits. Modern digital aids often require several visits to get things perfect. It’s not like the analog aids from the ‘old days.’

Ask your hearing professional to try the in ear audiogram function. The latest version of the operating system that programs these aids has a mini built in hearing test. This is a great tool for adjusting the aids to meet your exact requirements.