Starkey Destiny 1600 ITE

Hi everyone. I just joined and would like to say hello.

I have the Starkey Destiny 1600 hearing aids. I wear one in each ear. They fit inside the ear canal.
I bought these 3 years ago. When I had them for three months , the right one lost power and I could not hear with it. It was under warranty and they sent it off and redid the entire hearing aid. Well now , it has done the same thing. it has lost power again . I am so sick of these. I paid almost $6000.00 for them.

The audiologist that I bought them from , is no longer here. He left the State and no one has taken his place. Before these , I had one analog. I had it for 12 years . I paid $900.00 dollars for it and well got my money’s worth. But these I have now , I don’t think I would ever get this brand again. I can’t recommend them as I have had too much trouble.

If you can find the address of Starkey post the aid back for repair. In the UK they charge a nominal fixed repair cost. In return you get back a fully re-furbished hearing aid with a 12 month guarantee.

A repair every three years on an ITE model doesn’t sound so bad. I have a Destiny 400 as a backup and it had one send it off repair. They charged the audiologist $147 and she didn’t mark it up to me. It then had a 1 year warranty. I think the sound of the Destiny is very good and they are powerful. They don’t have the bells and whistles of the newer brands but they are good at what they do.

Starkey has a guaranteed repair cost, which includes a 12 month warranty. So if you did pay for the repair, it would ensure that they are working again, and that you are covered for 12 months. Might be worth considering rather than flushing a $6,000 investment.

No , I did not pay for the repair. I only had them for 3 months when the right one went out completely. No power at all. The audi sent it off and it was repaired at no cost to me as it was under warranty. Now , 3 years later , the same one has lost most of its power again. It is no longer under warranty and the audi is now gone with no replacement. This time I will have to pay for repairs as the warranty is now out.

I think what ZCT is saying is that, should you send in the hearing aid for a repair now and pay for it, that repair comes with a 12-month warranty.

By the way, I’m new to the forums, too. Hello everyone!


And yes, you are right, that was what I was saying.

Starkey have a guaranteed repair charge meaning even if they have to replace the whole aid, the repair charge covers you. And the aid, once repaired, comes back with a six or twelve month guarantee depending on which option and price you choose.

Thank you everyone for your answers to my post. Well , I had to work last night , so when I got in this morning , I took off my hearing aids and put them in their case until I got up this afternoon. I really hated to put them in my ears, as that right one bothers me with little sound. Well , when I put them in , they are both working normally. The power is back in the right aid. I don’t understand this , but am so thankful it is doing well again. Something must be loose in it , wouldn’t you think ? I don’t know , but am so happy to have the power back in it.

Thank you all so very very much.

I would think more likely something was clogged. I loose wire would either be on or off?


During wear, moisture is being absorbed by wax/dead-skin and this expands to block the sound outlet. If the aid is left to dry out the blockage shrinks to its original size.

Well , I guess I spoke too soon. Today , the aid is back to very little power. I am perplexed as to what is going on. I have cleaned it and changed batteries , but nothing works. I guess I will just have to find an audiologist that serves these types of aids and have it sent off to find and correct the problem.

To me it seems like what is happening is when the aids lower because of a noise level , the right one is not going back to its normal level afterwards. It seems to be sticking at the reduced level . I can’t be sure that this is what is happening , but it just seems like it. is this possible ?