Starkey Destiny 1200 vs 1600 BTE

My latest test indicates I’m just above the profound loss level. The audie is recommending Starkey’s Destiny BTE because it provides more power.

I’ve narrowed my choice to either the Destiny 1200 or the Destiny 1600. Some of the prior postings here claim that the 1600 is substantially better than the 1200 mainly because of it’s IREM (Integrated Real Ear Measurement) but many of these postings are from more than a year ago. It now seems that Starkey has added IREM to the entire Destiny lineup. So both have it now.

There are still differences between the two models, of course, but they would seem to be features that don’t affect the actual performance. I found three added “smart” features on the 1600; Voice Indicators, Self Check, and Reminders.

I’ve been scouring Starkey’s specs at:
to find any small differences between the two models that would allow the 1600 to claim better performance over the 1200. (The sheet appears to be dated July, 2008)

In the Environmental Adaptation section of their specs chart it says the 1200 “Automatically detects quiet, mechanical sounds, wind, and other sounds,” whereas the 1600 “Automatically detects and optimizes settings for listening in: speech, speech in noise, noise, mechanical sounds, wind and quiet.” Does this make a real difference?

Also seems the 1600 has done away with the manual volume dial. I can see the advantage of auto volume control but does it get it right? Can anyone tell me?

Besides these minor differences in wording I can’t see much difference in the two models, yet the price I was quoted for the 1600 is substantially higher. Is the big markup worth it or is it just marketing hype?

when it comes to HI for profound HL, the name Phonak Naidia, Unitron 360 Oticon Sumo Dm would be the most popular choices

in 2 weeks time Starkey will release its new wirless system
I would wait 2 weeks if starkey is the instrument you want

Sorry, I’m a newbie. I take it the HL is “hearing loss”. What’s HI? “Hearing Instrument”, maybe?

My financial assistance arrangement specifies Starkey so I have to go with them.

Yup, that’s how I’d read it.

I tried the Destiny 1600 and the 1200. I could not tell the difference, so I bought the 1200.