Starkey CICs for profound loss?


I have had a severe-profound hearing loss bilaterally since birth and I have been wearing aids for my entire life. I have always worn BTEs however on my most recent visit to the audi she recommended Starkey CICs (S series 11). Has anyone out there with a profound loss had success with this model? I’ve never thought I could wear this type so just checking to see if others recommend them. Thank you.

Starkey has some really powerful CICs. S series 11 is a very good choice but you should upload your audiogram results in order to get a better oppinion.

I would say the CIC style is not for profound hearing loss. Their website says it is strong enough for even moderate loss. In general a profound loss will need a BTE style aid. More options and a stronger battery to compensate for the extra power required.

thank you for the responses. here is my attempt to upload audiogram:
R 60…65…100…90…75…65
L 60…80…95…90…80…70

Your 1K-2K makes fitting a CIC not exactly impossible, but fairly difficult. There’s a few trade-offs to be made. In terms of the physical fit, you would need to have a very good seal in the ear, and an ear canal that was big enough to take the device, but small enough residual volume not ‘lose’ too much of the sound.

I don’t know if the other pros on this site would all agree: but IMHO a CIC wouldn’t be an option I’d consider that far down the scale. Worse still if your loss deteriorates by 5-10dB in a year or two: what happens then? Do you just throw the aids away and get BTE/Power RIC anyway?

It’s that time of year again when I must in fact agree with Um Bongo.

Yes Starkey CAN do a CIC that will fit this loss, in theory. But if you are used to BTEs, why not consider a high power RIC? It’s basically a CIC with a tiny BTE portion, but the added distance between the receiver and the mics may be a benefit in terms of feedback, and you can add features like binaural spacial mapping, a larger battery for longer life, wireless streaming for Bluetooth or audio source, and telecoil.

If you love the idea of a CIC, I guess it’s worth trying, but be sure your hearing professional will let you switch to the other type of aid only paying for the difference in price, within say 60 days.