Starkey backdoor

Hello I would first like to introduce myself ,I am 27 year old male from wa state usa. I have high frequncy hearing loss something around 70db once i hit 1k.

Well I wanted to ask about Starkey veitnam. I can order a pair of open fit xseries for 400$ usd or wi or s series for 350$ usd for a pair. this would be a direct order from the factory in vietnam. So should I do it? I just dropped almost 4k on a pair of unitron quantum 6. But my wife wants me to save money so the starkey vietnam aids seem like a steal. There is a local audiologist who will be able to double check the programing and any issues that may come up.

Sounds like a Scam to me. Never heard of a factory that will sell direct to consumers’

In normal business practice an established company like Starkey would not permit a supplier to sell direct to consumers.


Well I don’t think there are any rules of any kind in vietnam. The factory is legit. Here is the address and phone number of the company in Vietnam. I think I might as well tell my family to order them just to try I guess if I lose 400$ I will learn my lesson. When we asked why they are so much cheaper than in the usa they just said that since they are manufactured in vietnam and they do not have supply chains like in usa they can offer them for cheaper. There is also a unitron supplier in vietnam that I will contact later to compare prices.
Science Hearing Center

                     [FONT=Arial]150 Tran Quoc Thao P7 Quan 3

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Telephone: 84 8 6290 5018 [/FONT] Email:

How will you get them programmed to your audiogram? What about the normal followup adjustments?

There was a thread not too long ago about somebody who bought a used aid on eBay. The local dealers refused to program it. The user just viewed that sale as an expensive lesson.

Are you looking for one person to say go ahead because you seem to be ignoring everyone that’s telling you not to do it. Your wife wants you to save money but don’t care if you lose $400. Sounds like you’re going to do whatever you want anyway. Get any kind of warranty with these aids? I doubt it. Look, hearing aids are expensive. Shop around, check out Costco’s. The aids are used. Strike one. You’re buying from a foreign country you seem to know little or nothing about. You have no recourse if you are sent an empty box. If it was such a great deal everyone would know about it. But like I said I think you have already made up your mind so good luck.

Not legit.

You said “factory”. If they are telling you they are a Starkey factory then you could check that out with a call to the Starkey headquarters. Then, if they are not really a Starkey factory you will know it is a scam.

Well my family lives in vietnam and the factory is listed on the startkey website I travel there quite frequently. There is an audiologist here that I spoke with and said that for a fee they “service any make or model of hearing aids” they already have my audio-gram and will program them but my insurance ent lady said she can double check them once i get them. m/find-a-professional/worldwide/Vietnam

If you know how commerce works in Vietnam than they probably are selling HA marked but they are probably cheap knockoffs or seconds that should have been destroyed because they didn’t pass inspection for Q.C. All I can add is buyer beware!

Somehow my post lost HA marked Starkey.

Don’t you love it when they leave out a tiny but “ESSENTIAL” piece of information?

you mean email? I guess I was just wondering if any of the starkey users know what factory their hearing aids are made. I guess I will let you guys know once I get back from vietnam if these are any good. I will compare them to the usa bought unitron quantum 6. After speaking to them on the phone one of the biggest reasons why they do not include an email via the website is that they have no one who speaks english there and got too many english emails when the email was posted.

No factory owned by Starkey sells direct to the public.

“We believe that the successful dispensing of Starkey products is best achieved by hearing professionals that are trained on the proper use of our products. Optimum hearing aid performance can only be achieved through face-to-face consultation.” -

I also happen to know the cost price on Wi hearing aids, and it certainly isn’t $350 a pair, in fact $350 won’t even get you one. It also makes no sense that they would charge more for the X series, as it is basically a Wi without the capability of wireless communication. So why charge $50 more for not including a complicated and expensive feature?

But heck, it’s your money and you seem keen to drop it, so please go ahead and order a set of Wis and let us know what happens. I’d be interested. Just don’t say you weren’t warned…

You are now suggesting that a Starkey owned facility has no one on site who can speak English? Do you really think that when Starkey Global Headquarters needs to ask them something, they call them up and speak to them in Vietnamese? Do you think they send out memos and company instructions in Vietnamese too?

This is sounding more and more like those guys cruising shopping center parking lots selling you a TV only to find out the box has bricks in it. Once again buyer beware!

Well I am sure there are people at the factory who know this I will be more informed about it in a few days once my sister inlaw calls me back. I will also get the prices for the unitron from vietnam. I just want to compare these to the unitron i will be getting on thursday since my wife is pretty sure this is legit. Things like this is why using poorer countries to manufacture things doesn’t always work out in the best interests of corporations that own the factories. China/apple is prime example of this. Nornico and Libya is another example. anyways I am aware they may not work or just be plain garbage but I do know it is the factory that is owned by starkey that these are coming from be it that they are QC rejects or not. I do not want to get the wireless hearing aids due to them being RIC’s and I have always been told to stay away from ric’s plus i work around wifi alot and do not need my hearing aids getting jammed up due to wifi interference.

Wi hearing aids work on a completely different frequency than WiFi, so not getting them because you have lots of WiFi in your office, is like not buying more than one TV for the home lest they should interfere with each other. The mere fact that the letters Wi are in the name is simply a marketing choice, and not because the aids have anything to do with WiFi. Additionally Wi aids frequency hop and scan, so they are always looking for interference from any type of electronics and if they detect it, they already know what they can ‘hop’ to because they have been constantly searching for interference free channels.

As for being told to stay away from RICs, that’s bizarre advice. RICs were invented with almost your exact hearing loss in mind. In fact audiologically it would be hard to think of a better choice for the type of loss you have.

.from what I can read they are bluetooth which uses the 2.4ghz radio frequency.

The protocol operates in the license-free ISM BAND at 2.402-2.480 GHz.

It isnt so much that I have wifi in my office rather that that I spend my day testing wireless frequencies in the 2.4ghz range and 5.4ghz range while most blue tooth devices do not cause interference in normal situations. It is more that I am worried that the high output signals I broadcast will interfere with the hearing aids. Since from the data I see there are not much room for QoS for bluetooth hearing aids

as for the rics the two audiologist I have seen and the ent doctor said that they have multiple issues with pretty much all rics due to the wire breaking and they recommended me open fit bte style

As the man said above, wire failures aren’t really a huge issue. They will break eventually, but on a cycle that is way less than traditional speaker failure. I’m wondering if the slim-tube BTE is either cheaper to stock (my main reason) or less prone to moisture failure in the humidity there.

The slim-tube answer is certainly a better intermediate technology solution, where the wearer might not be able to get back to the audiologist, as they can be changed more easily by the user.

You read wrong. Starkey does not even have a unit that allows Bluetooth devices to commumicate with these aids. There are rumors that one is in development, but there is nothing that has been announced.

Your logic is like saying those with Wi aids cannot use a cell phone because they both use radio waves.

I think I saw rumors that the Wi uses 900 MHz. I cannot find that source now. ZCT would be the most knowledgeable here, but he may not be able to say due to non-disclosure requirements.