Starkey Avail RIC


I just joined the forum and haven’t seen any threads on the above mentioned hearing aids. I’ve worn analogs my whole life since age 5 and I’m now 44 - just purchased these in November and I absolutely hate them. First the aids themselves are a pain to have to clean and they’re not as easy as the BTE analog versions, secondly, I can no longer hear on the phone and have people shutting my bedroom door when I watch TV because “it’s too loud.” I wish I heard better and I miss being able to raise and lower the volume and turn it on and off to shut out sound (you have to open the battery to do that). The best part is when I play my guitar, I completely lose sound and I find it happens in general though out the day; everything just seems quieter, not “state of the art.” Does anyone else have experience with these models?

please attah your audiogram that we can get clear idea

Tried in every way I could but it says it exceeds the kb for this type, whatever that means. I could email it though…:frowning:

P.S. It says that I have bilateral, sensorineural hearing - moderate to profound in the right ear, moderate to severe in the left.

You said the model is Avail? The current Starkey RIC’s are X series, Xino and Wii.

I think that Starkey owns the company that made it. It’s a Starkey product - the cheapest model out there, so to speak. I don’t think $2,500 is cheap…

This appears to be an older Qualitone model. Somebody asked a similar question here in 2008. Here is a 2006 article mentioning some brochures for these new aids.

I do not see any indication that the company still exists, although it appears they were purchased by Starkey.

EDIT: a 2009 posting here indicates that Qualitone no longer exists.Their former website is active but you cannot get any useful information from it, in my experience.

The current Starkey brands that I am aware of include Starkey, Audibel, NuEar, and Micro Tech.

ZCT here is our best professional resource on Starkey products.

It was purchased by Stakey as mentioned and came with the Stakey case also. However, I’ve got to say I’m less than impressed by it. The fact that it’s RIC and not BTE is another bummer as I prefer the ease of cleaning the BTE. Are there any BTE models among digitals that are programmable and use the full plastic mold instead of these tiny receivers?

Yes, there’s lots of slim-tube variants out there from the major manufacturers.