Starkey 3 Series random "chime" issues similar to the "turn on" chime

re: Starkey 3 Series or Audibel A2 random “chime” sounding

Can anyone help as to what to do when just one of my hearing aids: The Right Side will randomly just sound a “Chime alert” the same alert sound that sounds upon turn on?

When this occurs my Right side, which is programmed to control my volume will only allow the volume to be controlled from this aid only and does not send the volume changes to my other left aid.

This just started to happen randomly. I have tried the obvious i.e. cleaning the battery contacts and changing batteries.

Thanks for your help.


This happened to one of my 3 Series and it turns out it was periodically losing contact with the battery. My HIS took a tiny screwdriver and pushed the battery contacts to make a tighter fit, and it seemed to solve the problem.

This continuously happened to a friends Starkeys from fairly soon after he first got them and his audiologist could never figure out what was going on with them or his Surflink to the point he finally decided to cut his losses and gave up on them and went with different HA’s from Costco. I will tell him to check the battery contacts and see if it helps with his aids. Perhaps if it works he can use them as spares.