Starkey 1200 many noise

I asked audiopro to fit for my starkey 1200 bte power plus, but the sound is too noisy and cause me headache. I can hear AC condition noise, too.
How can I ask audiopro to reduce those annoy noise?


The Destiny 1200 PowerPlus has a very nice mechanical sound feature to the hearing aids. The built in data log stores how much of these sounds you are hearing and will make recommendations to your specialist for your post visit.

The mechanical sound feature can be set to ‘Off’, ‘Min’, or ‘Max’. The default is Minimum, but maybe you need it to the Max position.

Also, make sure your overall volume is ok and that it is comfortable for you to listen in quiet! I am assuming you have a volume control ‘beep’? Do you turn up your volume control on your aids til you hear a beep and then stop? Maybe you are turning them up all the way without knowing it.

The data log will also store that information so your specialist can see where you are adjusting the volume.

Those mechanical sounds can also be dropped in the low frequencies also. You can ask your Specialist if he thinks lowering your low frequencies can help.

If you are new to hearing aids, ask your Specialist if he/she had given you compression. Compression helps bring down loud sounds in noisy environments.

I hope you get the help you need. I’m sure you’ll be fine once the aids are fine tuned and you get used to hearing so many sounds.

Hi, I forgot to mention…

There is 2 program for voice and music. I use voice program mostly but I can’t voice clearly. How can I ask audiology to fit for vice?

Not sure I know what you mean.

You have a multimemory button right.

One for normal listening I guess and one to listen to music?

If that is the case, you just want the main program fine tuned differently. Leave the music program alone as it will make listening to all the musical sounds much better for you.

Did I answer your question? Your specialist can fine tune each program separately.

I went to audilogy for fitting again. There is 3 program, voice 1 music 2 for working in coffee shop 3. At 1 program, I can hear more low tone, but can’t hear voice clearly. At music program, the low tone won’t bother me anymore while I can hear more high tone, but can’t hear voice from music clearly.

I am frustrated. Can you suggest what kind of setting is best for voice and music??

what instrument are you wearing
is it a trial?, Maybe you should explore other brands

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VR provided me free hearing aid starkey destiny 1200, which is best for me, just fitting problem.

I will go to VA driving for about 2 hours. It is better , so it is worth to try professional audiology…

And let you know what changed for my hearing aid.

The local audiology didn’t try different sound for fitting. His voice is lower, so he fitted to hear his voice clearly, but when I went back to home, I can’t hear my kids voice well since their tone is higher. I think I need to try different sounds for fitting propertly…

Sounds like an adjustment issue that should be corrected by your audiologist.

Lots of luck.

i belive Starkey has a sound files call suround sound which can be use to
simulate all kinds of listening enviroments
ask him to fine tune the aids with this tool

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