Stapedectomy? Bone anchored HA?

Has anyone here had xperience with a Stapedectomy(spelling?)? I’ve got 30db of hearing I could regain through the surgery. I have elected to use HA’s for as long as possible before risking surgery, but my loss has been increasing recently.

I consulted with a prominent ENT 2 years ago when my hearing wasn’t so bad. Some of the risks he mentioned are total loss of hearing, loss of balance, and a leaky inner ear especially when traveling by air. As a pilot, that could be a big problem. I could really use some thoughts from someone who has had the surgery. Also comments from anyone using a bone anchored aid.



This is a very rare procedure and the success varies really. If successful, it can bring back 20-30 decibels of hearing. This would help significantly, but the complications that can occur almost outweigh the benefits. Bone anchored hearing aids help amplify sound through the bone helping to improve the hearing. If you choose to do the surgery, then do your research wisely and find the best specialists.

I’ve had 7 ear operations, and well bad news for me!! I am now deaf in my left ear. I was hoping to regain alot. I got over it, but it was tuff. If I had it to do over again. I don’t know. With hearing aids as good as they are now. I probably wouldn’t mess with it. A Baha, might work though it is an interesting device. It could be taken off later!! Imagine anyways. It wouldn’t work for me. I was tested it wasn’t loud enough. I would make sure you had a doctor you totally trust. One who makes you confident totally!! I’m tired of doctors who get tired of explaining things, I don’t have time for them !! Good luck! I have heard of sucessfull surgeries though!!

I had a stapedectomy 3 years ago in my right ear, and my recovery was not great, I had vertigo for 3 weeks afterwards when it should have only been 2-3 days. Of course, my doctor at the time never told me the dangers of the surgery and just how rare the surgery is, he just told me I could have hearing aids or surgery and at the age of 27 I refused the thought of HA. He NEVER told me much about the surgery, I stupidely, assumed it was run of the mill.
I am electing to not have my right ear operated on and am choosing HA’s. Also, in the 3 years since my stapedectomy my right hear that was operated on has had some decrease in hearing since my surgery…still much better than before surgery, but regression none the less.

I have had 4 surgeries for otosclerosis including a stapedectomy on the 2nd surgery, all had initial improvement then gradual decrease in hearing. 3rd surgery appeared to be successful but had a car accident which caused total failure and had surgery just to stabilize what was left. Have very little hearing in that ear, severe loss in the other so I cannot ever have surgery in the “good” ear. I am told I am a good canditate for BAHA as my bone conduction hearing is very good, but I don’t want to go through another surgery for something that’s still relatively new. Do not get surgery in your good ear, too much risk. If your ENT suggests that get a new one!

Bahas are not new. They have been in use since 1977. They are much newer in the US compared to elsewhere in the world due to the costs of FDA approvals, so according to the papers they were not FDA approved until 1996, with additional approvals in 2002 for additional types of hearing loss. So it may well be that there is a new use of the system, or that there is a new processor out recently as Baha just went digital in the last few years, but in terms of being a new procedure, it really isn’t.

I had a Stapedectomy 17yrs ago on my Left ear and it was a complete disaster. I suffered with Vertigo for 2 months,lost most of the hearing and suffer from Tinnitus.
Im sure surgery has progressed but i would think carefully!!!

I have now been offered it again on my Right side but i refused as i couldn,t bare to go through it again and like you i am considering HA.

Good Luck.

I wanted to just say that BAHA’s have come a long way. Also, there are now two companies (Cochlear and Oticon Medical) competing in the area of BAHAs and that is very exciting! It has really forced Cochlear to step up their game. I would look into whether or not you are a BAHA candidate. It could possibly do wonders for your hearing. Also, you can elect to try one that you wear with a band around your head. It will give you an idea of how it sounds and what to expect.

Very good answer to the question! You’re completely right…and Baha doesn’t need a “great” surgery. Basically you get two attachments (screws) in your bone (mastoid) behind your ears and that’s it. Then on that attachments you attack your BAHA-processor…it’s very tiny but more visible than a HA. Check out the various types- Cochlear is leading with their product! Oticon Medical is in clinical testing as far as I know, so of course you will have to try a Cochlear BAHA for now…

For stapedectomy…i’ve seen quite a lot of people with otosclerosis,because in the university where I’m studying they are very god at doing this kind of surgery…so basically you will get about 20-30 dB of improvement, but it won’t last long…than you have to go with hearing aids…but otosclerosis has to be stopped otherwise your cochlea could get ossified and your hearing gets lost completely!

Actually, I have fit several Oticon Ponto Pro Bahas. They have been FDA approved and are on the market. The ENT I worked with ended up preferring the Oticon BAHA over the Cochlear for a number of reasons. We sent out our potential BAHA candidates with loaners all the time prior to surgery.

I would not paint with such a wide brush, the size of the air/bone gap can definitely go beyond 30dB. See my siggy on what is possible for Stapedectomies.

You’re an exception! Good for you…

Surgery gave me back all my hearing. 6 years so far.

I tried a Stapedectomy back 20 yrs ago on my Left ear and it was a complete disaster. I still suffer with Vertigo from this experience.
One can hope that this procedure/surgery has progressed ,neverthelss, one should approach this procedure/surgery carefully!!!

I have both BTE’s and Baha type hearing aids. they both have their pro’s and cons

Before four years ago my brother suffering from stapedectomy and we go with our family ENT, by his guideline he do some regularly exercise and he really get some improvement. and vary sort time he got solve his problem.

A study published in July2006 found that chronic ear infections are caused by colonies of bacteria that form slime-like barriers that are resistant to antibiotic treatment.

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One of my friend went through the surgery for Stapedectomy, but he was not satisfied with the results I would recommend hearing aids rather then taking risk of surgery.