Standalone TeleCoil Receiver?

I have a pair of Oticon Agile MiniRITEs which I use with the Streamer. When I got them earlier this year, I wasn’t too concerned with the lack of a TeleCoil because I don’t have any TeleCoil compatible phones; but I have since learned that a number of public venues (theaters, concert halls, courtrooms, etc.) are TeleCoil equipped, and I am now thinking that a TeleCoil might be a useful accessory is some situations.

So I am wondering if anyone on the forums has any experience with any standalone TeleCoil receivers such as the Harris Communications HC-AUDIOLINK. This unit appears to fit the bill for what I am looking for, a simple TeleCoil receiver with an audio-out jack that can be plugged into the Oticon Streamer for use in TeleCoil equipped venues.

The specs are non-existant, but the description seems to be what I am looking for:

Has anybody tried this unit, or found any alternative units that can be used with the Streamer?


FredTX, Harris Communications is a great company to deal with, as they offer 30 day trials on their merchandise. I have seen similar units used at the HLAA conventions (Sorry, cannot remember the name of the manufacturer of the units, they were much larger that the one you posted about) and they worked well with headphones. Being able to ‘drive’ headphones means that there is plenty of power available to use them with your system. Harris has other accessories in the same group that you may want to look at. T-Coil and telecoil mean the same thing, but produce different results when “searching”. Note: I am not affiliated with Harris Communications, just a satisfied customer.

I am using the Open Windows transmitter. I installed a loop around my basement under my living room, and it works ok, but very spotty. I will receive a loop pad (also available from Harris) tomorrow and hope that will work better. I’ll post results.

This has a built in Telecoil for loop environments.

I bought an Open Windows transmitter. It works well except the wire that they give for making the loop has hot and cold spots. I bought the loop pad (should be here tomorrow). I’ll let you know how it does.

You have an Oticon ConnectLine streamer? I was under the impression that it has telecoil built in.