SSD and slightly impaired good ear. Restaurant noise impossible even with H/A. Which H/A would be best?

I’ve tried bi-cross H/A and was unsuccessful. With more than one friend at dinner in a restaurant and I’m completely out of it. I use my iPhone as a mic sometimes and it helps to hear people at the end of a long table. Currently I’m trialing Starkey Halo 2 and I’m enjoying using it with the iPhone for taking calls and listening to audiobooks. Music listening is not great even though my audi set a program for that. Which would be the most helpful H/A considering my lack of directional ability?

If I had your loss, I think I’d be interested in trying the Phonak Audeo B Direct, although Oticon OPN coud be interesting too. Ultimately, only you can decide what is best for you.

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I’m SSD & tried the Oticon OPN. The bluetooth feature was good, but overall, it wasn’t worth switching to the OPN on a permanent basis. Next week, I’m going to try the new Audeo B’s & looking forward to finding out if they really can help in noisier environments.

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I love my Phonaks but only you can make the decision as everyone hears differently.

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Thanks! Do mean a bi-cross set?

Thanks for your response. My audi recommended the Audeo but it won’t stream audiobooks, which I’m very fond of.
What about the Oticon do you think would be helpful?

A lot of people really like the Oticon OPN. I have no idea how it would work as a single hearing aid. I find it intriguing how many people are so enthusiastic about it that it seems like it would be interesting to try, but nothing specific to your hearing loss, except it is made for iPhone and could stream music/audeo books.

Yes, it DOES seem like a good idea. Thanks. I see my audi soon and I’ll do a review.