Spontaneous tinnitus?


I don’t have any hearing problems as such, but from time to time I can hear a quiet but high pitched noise. This lasts for about 10-20 seconds normally, and then goes away.

My hearing is relatively good. Does anyone else have a similar problem?



This is possibly caused by changes in middle ear pressure, whichtemorarily drops your hearing as the middle ear repressurises through the Eustachian Tube which can take up to 30 seconds if thye are slightly inflamed. This is very normal and should not be considered a problem.

Although I agree with hearnow I would still recomend getting it checked out if you are concerned. How old are you if you dont mind me asking buckers_wv?

As Hearnow pointed out that’s normal. But if you want to spend your money to have something checked out that’s NORMAL, be my guest.

From experience I agree with Hearnow and I think unless it is actually lasting a lot longer and becoming more frequent you really do not have anything to worry about, but again for your own peace of mind you can go and speak with your local Doctor.

  • Have your hearing tested, just to be sure.
  • Check on symptoms that are known to cause tinnitus there are dozens if not hundreds of medicines that can cause tinnitus as well as a number of physical conditions.

I too experience something similar. I tend to trace it back to a hunting trip in my youth - left ear only, high pitched ringing that fades after a minute or two. I have my hearing tested at least every six months - we use each other to check our equipment - and I know that my levels are normal.

when you have a hearing loss with a dip in thresholds at a particular frequency. Usually associated with noise-induced hearing losses that have a “notch” at/around 4KHz. hearing comes down at/around 4KHz then bounces back up/improves 6-8KHz.

i get the ringing from being dehydrated, after being around loud noise(this one is hearing damage), explosive pressure change in the ear (like getting clapped on the ear putting over pressure in to the ear.

point is, lot reasons to get it. its when it lasts for long periods is when start paying attention

heck some of mine will come out of total blue and I almost fall over, for when my ear rings, feels like my head is getting twisted around against my will which screws my balance and spacial perceptions.

SO WEEE grab on to something and go for a ride on your personal roller coaster:D lol

I been living with it for 31 yeas and I am still here maybe that’s what we all need from time to time that some of these odd things are part of normal life and that its not life threatening. and having other share that your not alone gives you more reassurance about the monkey wrenches that get thrown our way now and then.