Speech Recognition test on-line?

Does anyone know of a speech recognition test that is on-line? I recently had my hearing tested but they didn’t do a speech recognition test. I’ll be getting one in 5 weeks when I get my HAs, but until then the curiosity is killing me :frowning:

I was wondering the same! Id like to know where I stand now and how much itll improve when my HAs are reprogrammed.

Is not a speech recognition test but can help you . . .


That is a good point.

Since Speech Discrimination Tests are done at MCL (most comfortable level), it should be very easy to record the test words (W-22) and present the words and have the user score themselves.

What I will do is record the words on video. You will then hear the word, then I will post the word in text, so you can see if you go it correct, the go to the next word. We will do 25 words, so for every word you get correct, it would be worth 4%.

So if you get 20 correct, your speech discrim score (SDS) is 80%.

SDS scores are very important, as the higher this score, generally speaking, the better the results a patient will have with hearing aids.

I will try to get this done ASAP and then post it on You Tube or somewhere like that and post the link here and also start a new thread.

In the future, maybe we can also record a speech in noise type of test, possibly with the help of Neurotone and using their Quick SIN type of recording or using HINT.

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong here (with a sarcastic tone) but shouldn’t this test be done before you receive your hearing aids ? It would usually help the fitter of the hearing aids to have a reasonable idea of your ability to understand speech in quiet. Also there is a speech in noise test that can be done as well and this will also reveal a lot about your hearing loss and how you cope with understanding in noise.


this is generally done in quite. For speech in Noise, the best thing out there is the hint test. This however requires a bit of an investment since the Hint is only sold by biologic
you are looking @ a 6,000$ investment. In my opinion it is worth it

I couldn’t find any place to do this online.

Can you please help me understand my score word recognition 30 db sL 60% right 25% left
Word list cid w-22 pb-k-50


This (the NTID.RIT.EDU) nailed my actual hearing results. I haven’t had the in noise test before so that was interesting to see.