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Going back to the speech in noise discussion. I made a few adjustments and added a program and I wanted to try them out.

So tonight my wife and I went to dinner at a local restaurant. It was crowded and loud.

As i was enjoying my enchiladas at Habanero’s in Hoover I changed to the 360 directional program and easily heard my wife. I changed to the speech in noise program and easily heard my wife. Then I changed to the directional front facing program and, well, you get it.

I thought about why I’m getting such good results and I believe it is because we have made adjustments to these programs, reducing background noise, well beyond the first fit default. Now, tonight I could easily hear and understand a familiar voice, but it was a very loud environment with two large tables near us. I heard everything she said but she did ask me to repeat a couple of times.

I think you could do this with any new hearing aid but I’m using the Costco Phonak Brio 3 which is similar to the Phonak Audeo B90.


Can you help with HA decision process?

Sounds like you are hearing better than your wife on occasions!
Excellent results! What tweaking did you do and how?



That sounds good. I’m also getting good results in noise settings. My Dad said I had better hearing then him.



On the speech in noise manual program, and on every program, there are adjustments in the Target software for feedback, impulse response, noise reduction, wind noise, and maybe one more thing. Anyway, we have moved the noise reduction slider almost all the way over, to reduce the amount of background noise on the manual speech in noise program.

I also have the Speech Direct program and we had increased the noise reduction on it and I especially wanted to test out that change since Speech Direct is doing something different and I wanted to see if more noise reduction would help it or hurt it. Both programs worked well and all the voices still came through on Speech Direct so I still don’t know if the extra noise reduction helped it or not. My Speech Direct program is set to Auto (360).

My theory is that the main everything program does a good job with mild noise. If I want a separate manual noise program then it is for extreme circumstances and it should max out everything it can do. I don’t need another mild, default program.



Hi Don.
Many thanks! A lot of useful information in your email. I’ll try this out when I get my hearing aids in a week or so! Just hoping it won’t be too long now to book my ha fitting.
All the Best



Don this is one of the most useful posts I have seen in this hearing aid forum. I am a newbie with about 5 months experience with two hearing aids Phonak Audeo B70-R and Phonak Audeo M70-R RIC . It has been quite an adventure but my greatest problem has been speech in noise. I will take your comments back to my Aud and ask her to make the adjustments you suggest. I was her second client with marvels and I think we have learned a lot over this period.



I’ll have to try this. Thanks for the great advice. The only thing that makes me wonder is how it will work for me is that the ReSound Smart 3D app does have a noise control slider. In the past, I’ve found that if I slide it up to the max available to the user through the app that, yes, the noise is reduced a bit but the clarity of the speech heard over the noise suffers a bit, too. So for you, when you max out on noise reduction, does the speech heard sound just as crisp and clean? I’m interpreting my observed effect as the DSP cannot cleanly take out all the noise frequencies it might want to without snipping out or otherwise degrading a little bit vocal frequencies in the same regions as the noise. ReSound offers another option for improving speech that they call Speech Clarity, which reduces bass 2 dB and boosts midtones (4 dB) and treble (5 dB) and keeps noise reduction strong (the strongest setting available to a user through the app). Have you tried this sort of adjustment on top of your more aggressive noise treatment? Maybe it could improve speech even more in noisy settings?

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It does. My experience with Resound would have me believe it would work well with them too.

Now, in actual practice mine are not completely maxed out in noise reduction but significantly moved from the default.



I checked out your suggestion, Don. It appears that the ReSound Smart 3D app gives the user the ability to change all the Noise Reduction settings manually that are available in the fitting software. There is one important exception to this in the All-Around program where normally many parameters can be automatically set by the HA’s on a “per environment” classification. If you want the HA to function entirely automatically without reaching for your phone to adjust the app, you’d have to crank up the noise reduction from its default setting between MODERATE and CONSIDERABLE noise reduction in the fitting settings. I copy the PER ENVIRONMENT noise reduction settings below from the fitting software.

So you can see that when speech is detected in noise, the noise reduction aggressiveness will depend on how loud the noise is but at all times the reduction applied will be less than if the environment detected only contains noise. However, this is just when the HA’s are running on autopilot. At any time in the Smart 3D phone app, I can call up noise reduction through the Sound Enhancer options and on the phone, crank up noise reduction to the maximum possible in the fitting software, thus overriding the “autopilot” setting chosen in the fitting software.

The same goes for the other three standard programs available to me on my phone. Restaurant, Outdoor, and Music. In Restaurant and Outdoor, the default noise reduction is only MODERATE but at any time in the phone app, I can crank up noise reduction to the highest possible setting, STRONG. In Music, noise reduction is OFF but again in the phone app, I can crank it up as much as I want, even to STRONG, but I suspect the software is not smart enough to distinguish music from noise, particularly if I were listening to Heavy Metal. :rofl:

Below are some of the settings for the Restaurant program in Smart Fit. The noise setting is moderate but, again, its only the starting point and in the phone app, I can do whatever I want with noise reduction. (And if I wanted, I could switch noise reduction for the Restaurant program to a Per Environment basis just as it’s set to be for the All-Around program.



I’ve got my Phonaks set to max on Noise reduction and speech still sounds as clear as before.

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That is good to know. I will probably crank mine up to max.



Does this also apply to hearing clerks in grocery stores, Costco clerks, bank tellers, etc.

And would my audi be able to program this, I see you have done it yourself?

I wear Phonak Naid Q50 Ric.



I certainly hope so. :grin:



I like the variety of sounds including the speech-in-noise conversations in the media Sound Player of the ReSound Smart Fit fitting software. I suggested to the ReSound smartphone app development people that it would be great if they could offer these sounds to the general public since most hearing aid providers are probably too busy to humor their patients by playing sounds out of the fitting software sound library to let customers idly explore their HA functionality.

The ReSound app support folks very nicely replied to my request. They suggested that I try the ReSound Tinnitus Relief software app. They pointed out it is free for ANYONE to download. It has a variety of different sounds - most are not so nicely grouped and characterized by frequency and relative loudness, though, as for the fitting software sound library-and the tinnitus sounds are relatively more pleasant - you can’t test yourself on how you deal with jarring noises as you can for the fitting library sounds. But a very useful feature of the Tinnitus relief app is that it has a hearing test with speech in noise built into the tests. One is tested both on ability to recognize which of nine words representing pictures is spoken in increasing levels of noise and then which numbers ( 1 to 9) are spoken with increasing levels of noise. So it’s a very reproducible test that anyone can take to see to what degree of hearing loss the app relatively scores you on, wearing your hearing aids or not. The best way to take the test is wearing headphones because then each ear will be scored separately in succession. If you don’t have headphones to use in conjunction with your smartphone, you can play the sounds out of your phone speaker and try to test both ears at the same time.

I tested myself wearing my Quattro 961’s with my ReSound custom molds in a very occlusive fitting and with my HA’s programmed to use the NAL-NL2 fitting algorithm - you can turn the volume up as much as you want because (I think) it’s your basic speech in noise recognition that’s being tested. I wore my Surface BT headphones (had to prime/check the connection by playing something from a podcast player to the headphones before the ReSound app seemed to connect when I switched back to that app).

I did have to replay a few of the noisier tests towards the end to reassure myself what I was hearing and I cheated a bit because “bell” is one of the test words and in one passage, I could only hear “…ell,” not the beginning “b…” and lucked out that the only picture that had an “…ell” sound in it was the BELL picture.

But a small amount of “cheating” aside, the app scores me as having no hearing loss in the speech-in-noise test wearing my Quattro’s. Picking a good set of headphones that fits well over your HA’s is probably important. Otherwise you might want to just play the hearing test out of your smartphone speaker and see how you do with both ears listening at once.

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Resound Quattro performance in Noise
First Ever Fitting Today

The tips here have saved my sanity. Our house had high ceilings and between the echo and noise in restaurants my recent profound loss has been overwhelming. Maxing out on noise reduction in separate programs with my Compilot favorite is speech in noise Can even watch TV now without-streamer!!! Thanks all!