Speech in 360


I’m trying to better understand my speech in 360 program. It is set up for “auto” in the programming with direct touch enabled. If I access it from the program change button on my right hearing aid, It’s my understanding that it zooms to the right. How or when would the auto feature be activated in this scenario? Is the only way to get auto through the app?



I’ve got Speech in 360 and if I need the focus to be to my right first of all, I’ll press my right aid. Same with the left side. The auto kicks in if the speech direction changes.



Ok thanks!

Can adjustments (fine tuning) can be made to the program related to the surrounding noise levels (Noise Block)?

I guess what I’m wondering is if it’s using auto sense, speech in noise, or calm noise block settings. Any insight?



Yes fine tuning can be adjusted for example NoiseBlock.

If uses the same tuning as the Speech in Noise program.