Speech Discrimination Question


I have already posted my audiogram. Could those of you more knowledgable look at this chart having to do with speech discrimination. Does this indicate I recognize 80% of words at 65 Db?

Is my discrimination fair, poor horrible?

I ask because i have read on several threads that discrimination is not always "correctable ’ to an acceptable level for the aid user.

Any education provided is much appreciated.


You interpreted correctly. You got 80% right at 65 dB. That’s considered pretty good. I think the SRT is the level you get 50% correct. MCL is most comfortable level. UCL is Upper comfort level. Of note, this was done with “live” voice which means your audiologist did it with his/her voice rather than recorded. This adds more variability to the scores. They should probably give scores like Poor, Fair, Good rather than a precise number. Kind of like having a stretchy measuring tape and giving results to the 32nd of an inch.


I don’t know why, but Costco doesn’t seem to do this kind of testing (word recognition). Any of the readers know why?


May be a lazy or hurried fitter. Mine sure did. Most comment that Costco’s standards are as high as those they got from ENT or clinics.


Costco tested mine. In fact, my Costco test was more extensive than tests I had at two highly touted, private audiology centers.


Interesting. I have a visit scheduled for tomorrow. I will ask this question. I have always had my Costco tests done in the vicinity (at different Costco locations) and none have done word recognition testing.


My last result was left 100%, right 90% at 40db, if I interpreted the results correctly. The column was labeled WR. The SRT was blank. I can get by without aids, but not very well. How do my results compare? Was I tested at a louder or a softer level than rockinllama?


You were tested at a softer level (40dB instead of 65dB). Your SRT is probably around 15dB in your good ear.


If 40dB is softer than 65dB for this testing, why do the dB numbers get bigger for a worse result on the charts?

Does this result mean I’m considered to have good hearing? I think I have hearing bad enough to need aids.


Srt, Word recognition, bone conduction, and real ear measurement are always a part of the Costco hearing test and fit at my Costco. I thought that was their standard everywhere.


Most of the word recognition test occurs where you have normal hearing.


Bigger numbers mean you need the sound to be louder to be able to hear it. You were able to understand words well at 40dB. Your loss ranges from normal hearing in the lower frequencies up to severe at 6kHz and 8kHz. Your hearing certainly isn’t “bad,” by any means, but if aids help you, great. The audiogram doesn’t tell all about one’s hearing. You might want to take a peak at a speech banana (google it) and see what sounds you’d be expected to have difficulty hearing.