Speech Discrimination numbers?


I have a question about the relative severity of my recent speech discrimination and hearing test. As a former US Army service member who served primarily in Artillery battalions and medivac helicopters while working as a combat medic.

Speech Audiometry
Pure tone avg. 2 freq…12…15

Speech Discrimination…68%…64%
Test Level…55…55

Is this about average?

My speech scores are left 20 and right 64. However, combined (both ears) it’s 76%. The important thing to remember about these scores is that your scores represent what you can expect from hearing aids. The tests are run in ideal settings. So, don’t let your expectations let you down. Remember there is evidence that without amplification, your speech scores may continue to decline due to auditory deprivation. There is also evidence that participating in some rehab will help also. Programs like “LACE” seem to help with listening skills.

I forgot to mention, about a month ago I was fitted, trialed and purchased Oticon Agil Pro minirite HA’s. My results have been amazing. :slight_smile:

So what is it that you like about your Oticons?

I tried HA’s from Costco (in the warehouse) and then a few hours later tried the Agil Pros in the same ware house. The audiologist at Costco then let swap the resounds back and forth with the Agils pros while I walked around different areas the store. I made it a point to talk to as many people in as many different areas of the store so I could get an accounting of both sets of HA’s performance.

The Costco aids seemed to be more harsh and amplified more noise than the Agil pros. My voice sounded substantially amplified and mechanical sounding with the Costco HAs which I did not experience with the Agil Pros.

Imagine a graph that contains sharp abrupt peaks and valleys. This is how I would characterize the Costco HA’s sound. Now take this same graph and rolled off the peaks and valleys and improve the sound clarity in the middle volumes with a reduction in noise and this is how I would characterize the Agil Pros.

Without question, both HA’s can be tweaked adjusted and probably setup to be excellent solutions for a variety of losses. I would have loved to save three thousand dollars buying the Costco HA’s instead of the Oticons, but I just felt more comfortable with the entire Oticon package. From the audiologist, ability to trial them for weeks, initial sound quality and lastly my gut feeling.

I personally believe that Costco could potentially be even more successful in the HA market if they developed and rolled out a functional trial program.

Of course this is just my opinion though. I have no idea what the challenges of the hearing aid industry are. :rolleyes:

Double check those numbers, it does not seem to me to be possible that your discrimination could be that good with your pure tone results.

Those numbers were recorded on my report. I checked them and they are correct.

:DI am a lifetime hearing aid user. Please note that I have a moderate to profound slope loss yet have an 84% speech discrimination score unaided. It’s amazing that HI work so well for me.

Say what? Costco has a 90 day trial with no restocking or other fee (100% refund). Pretty functional.

They have Bernafon aids which are in the same corporate family as Oticon. I’m not sure how the models compare but the Verite may be the same as or similar to the Agil. Don’t quote me on that though.

I tried out a demo pair of Bernafons the other day and they were LOUD and very uncomfortable in the higher tones with unexpected sharp noises. I’m sure they were just not set up right but they seemed to have plenty of power and no feedback so I might keep that in mind if my loss gets worse.

I think I’m going to trial the Resound Future.