Specsavers Australia Advance Elite

I wondered if anyone has purchased a set of SpecSavers Advance Elite hearing Aids in Australia, and worked out what their underlying make/model was?

When I asked the Audio, when she orders them, does she know what the make/model will be? She said, what arrives is up to the head office handling the orders. They apparently rotate the orders about, I guess depending upon the best deal from what ever manufacturer.

Easily Phonak by looking at pictures and comparing.

Phonak Audeo P90, definitely Phonak Audeo but could be M90.

Finding out more about their connectivity would help confirm if they’re Phonak or not. If they connect to “anything”, they’re Phonak. It sounds like a support nightmare to me.

@Zebras where did you see a pic of the Advance Elite aid?

@d_Wooluf, great idea…Also, didn’t the Phonak connect to 8 items while the unitron Moxi Blu 9 pairs with 2

“Built for us by world-leading manufacturers Sonova and WS Audiology”

Take no notice. Google is showing a few.

Apparently they connect via Connex.

Definitely a Signia HA.

TV box in this listing is identical to Signia.


Two years ago the Specsavers Advance hearing aid sold in Australia was a rebranded Unitron Moxi Fit.

I am unsure if that is still the case.

Yes, the white branding tends to make identification difficult. I will try and resolve. Maybe also, different Countries, states and / or stores may have different deliveries to sort of mix the product to keep all vendors happy.

I am sort of in a quandary about hearing aids. Looking at my Audiogram, it does not look too bad? The SS Audio said my Audiogram suggests I would certainly benefit from the aids. If speech in noise is my main problem, then better technology aids are preferable. My only signals some thing is wrong in the hearing department is:
Struggling to hear shop assistants, when shopping. In stores like Subway, I struggle to hear what is asked. My wife next to me with great hearing, hears instantly. Pubs are very difficult for me to hear my wife, sitting next to me

Seminars and busy meetings can be a problem for me, if multiple speakers at the same time, as well as main speaker.

Conversations in the quiet are no problem, even at gatherings at home, I hear everyone ok. At the Cinema is no issue, other than being too loud.

Because my family are all Android users, if I am going down the aid route, I need an aid that plays nice with the android…which points to a Phonak of some version. Audio suggests Lumity.

The SS audio said Phonak are the best aids for Android “by a mile”. Their SS Advance range are not good with Android, but great with iPhone. Though, while not clarifying which Advance model, she did have one Advance model that plays “ok” with Android, but, a battery version, and not rechargeable, as I prefer.

The Android claim is a little misleading: the Sonova derived product is better with conventional (though battery hungry) Bluetooth, while the WS derived product has MFi which is designed for iOS.

If you’re not intending to stream or take lots of direct mobile/cell calls on the aids it doesn’t matter as much.

For some people, we’ve found it’s simpler to get them to switch their phone handset rather than change the hearing aid system they are most happy with.

@Um_bongo We are permanent Android users. I have tried a few times to get an iPhone under control, but always fail miserably. I currently have an iPad, which I hate, and it is used as my Kindle app device. When mobiles first came out, I somehow migrated to a android.

We have very few phone calls now. Recently, I was in a shopping centre, and I needed to answer my phone to confirm pick up by car service people. I had to duck into a shop, in the relative quiet to hear the person. I presume, if I had aids that directly connected with my phone, this would have been less of an issue.
I often listen to music on headphones that cover the ear, or use the ear bud type. Do aids cope with head phones that cover the ears ok? The times I use my ipad for reading, sometimes I use the audible versions and listen via Bluetooth air buds. Works great. Do aids carry out this function ok?

Mine say Sonova. I have had them a couple of weeks and they are perfect. I connected via bluetooth to my PC in a few minutes but even though I connected to my TV easily too I found that when my hearing aids were connected then the sound on the TV was muted.
The audiologist is very professional and worked hard to make sure I was happy.
Because I am retired they cost me nothing

A Phonak TV Connector will solve that, as it won’t mute the speaker

My bank account won’t let me buy one :frowning:

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Here is some info on the Specsavers Advance

@OldGed have you looked in Hearing Australia?
Or not eligible for their service? They sell Signia mostly. Hubby got a pair of the newest Signia for $3500. Charge and go AX

Do you have a Costco anywhere close to you? They have excellent aids, you can find plenty of topics here on the board about Costco aids.

Good luck.