Specsaver Advance 832 (Phonak) aids Programming

I have had my Specsaver Advance 832 (Phonak) aids for 3 years and except for problems with one of them clicking (reported in another thread last year) I have been under the impression that they were performing OK

However over the last year my wife has become increasingly certain that my hearing is getting worse - so I recently made an appointment to have a new hearing test.

The audiologist I have seen over the past years has moved on and the new guy - fresh from 7 years working at a hospital - carried out the test which confirmed that my hearing had changed only very slightly. However - he decided to re-set the aids first by reference to the audiogram followed by another procedure where he put some microphone tubes into my ears, then inserted the hearing aids and put a loudspeaker about 2 feet in front of me which played various sounds and speech - at the same time adjusting the aids settings. I have never before seen this method in use despite having been a hearing aid user for 10 years. Browsing this forum leads me to believe it may be what you guys call a REM (Real Ear Measurement) procedure.

The end result has been dramatic - I have never before had hearing aids that are so effective. At long last I can hear the TV at the volume my wife prefers, I can hear passengers speech in the car and noisy restaurants etc are less of a problem. It is obvious that the previous settings for the aids were not getting the best out of them.

Two weeks later one of the aids suddenly lost volume and I had to use the remote to turn it fully up for it to be heard - I tried new batteries and wax guards but the problem remained.

So I went back to the audiologist for him to determine what the problem was. However - he was away and I saw his temporary replacement.

She looked at the aid and said the problem sounded like condensation in the tube as she peered at it closely. I said “but they are RIC aids and it isn’t a tube it’s an electric lead to the receiver”. She said it can still happen and proceeded to twist the shroud where it connects to the aid and yank the lead off. I protested that the previous audiologist had pushed the fixing pin out and slid the shroud gently away - but she replied that she was fully trained and knew what to do.

She decided to replace the receivers on both aids and re-set them to the most recent computer settings and they were fine - and still are several days later.

My question is twofold :-

a) Is it the case that condensation can get into the receiver or its lead resulting in loss of volume?

b) what is the correct procedure for disconnecting the lead on my aids - Twist and yank or push the retaining pin out?

If the latter - I am going to go back and educate her.