Specific range for road noise

Can any of you audiologists on here tell me where road noise falls on the sound chart? I have just a little bit of it in my left aid, and cannot figure out where it falls in the lows or even in the middle range… it’s just a tiny bit, and I really, really like my current settings, but that tiny bit is sooo annoying! Can you specify exactly where I should have my settings lowered to eliminate this? I hate experimenting too much so if you could help me narrow it down that would be great.

You might want to be a little more specific as to what you mean when you say “road noise”. Maybe give an example. I mean are you referring to when you drive. Some cars eliminate road noise better then others.

I meant while driving, the hum that the tires make on the road, especially on the highway. Well, I’m guessing it’s the tire/road combo, I don’t really know, maybe it’s the car engine? Umm, it’s kind of like hearing the constant dim roar of the ocean when standing on the beach. That kind of noise.

Really low : around 600Hz - 800Hz.

Not usually a problem… UNLESS … you have a major high frequency loss and suddenly get aids for the first time.

Your brain has learned to focus on the only area with signal - say below 1kHz … but now you have the highs back again … with the lows amplified a tad.

The brain takes days/weeks to ‘unfocus’ from the low area and refocus across a wide range, so the slight lows boost will make tyre noise sound REALLY loud for a few weeks.

Well, I’m a long time ha user, but these aids are new to me as of 2+ months now. I can’t seem to find the sweet spot in the fine tuning to get me to where the noise isn’t driving me batty yet still hear voices with enough lows to give me the richness of sound I prefer.

Thanks for the direction. I guess I’ll ask my audi to lower that range just a hair and see if it helps.

Without sounding like a wise guy what brand and model of tires?

Umm, my signature says it - Agil Pro Power Rite with custom earmolds… :slight_smile:

No, I was wondering about the brand of tires. Consumer Report usually rates how noisy tires are. Apparently some can be much louder than others.

Oh, too funny! Hmm, Bridgestone actually. But I hear this low pitched sound elsewhere as well. It’s just that it really stands out in the car without a passenger chatting in the seat beside me.

I just received one Costco Vivid stratus remote mic (the newer BE ReSound) I thought I may have heard a little sound like fan noise in the audis booth, but then decided it may just be new sounds altogether…well, there is a constant static (like sizzling bacon) in the aid…I changed the battery and put a call in to the audi…I am hoping it’s a common easy fix…just wondering if that happens a lot in hearing aids and can be fixed easily…thanks! rosie

Hearing aids should be silent when there is no sound for them to pick up. Either an adjustment needs to be made or there is something wrong with the aid.

Bacon Frying thread: http://www.hearingaidforums.com/showthread.php?t=6735&highlight=bacon

The audi needs to lower the gain in the low frequencies.

or maybe turn the vent fan off in the booth when aids are being fitted :wink:

Why you would be sat in a booth during an open fitting is beyond me anyway.

I have Pure 500s that seem to amplify tire noise when I’m walking on the sidewalk with cars on the road. If I really paid attention, I think I could identify models of tires. Not that I need to.

Awaiting a time when I can buy the whole package, hardware and software and tune them at home as I need to hear like I think I did years ago.
No artifacts, no whistles, no feedback when the car door chimes on and on until I slam it shut, no metallic voices of my family.
Try and explain that to an audi, … successfully. The vocabulary isn’t there.


ABB, just curious. Did you have REM done with your HAs?
I had a problem with my Sumos (which I never got back to the audi about) and then with my new Naida V’s with hearing too much bass (mainly from TV when not directly in front of it). My new audi did a REM on the HAs (which she was going to do anyway at that appt) and it showed that the software had over-compensated for my low freq loss in my left ear. She adjusted it and now I don’t notice too much bass.
Just a thought.

I did not have REM done, BlueSumos. I had asked for more bass but think I asked for a wee bit too much :slight_smile: Now I just have to give some of it back. I’m way past the stage of settling for what the software recommends based on the audiogram, one of the problems of a long time ha user who wants what she wants, when she wants it, and exactly the way she wants it! LOL.