Source of pre-recorded word lists

I’d like to do some (to the extent possible) controlled tests with word recognition. Are there any pre-recorded word lists for this purpose available in the public domain?


Not a direct answer, but there are a lot of text-to-speech sites online and many of them feature a wide variety of natural voices. If you can find a list of words used in word recognition you could probably cut and paste them into a text-to-speech system.

Thanks for idea grantb5, definitely worth looking into.

Have you looked at what’s available on Audiology online? I don’t know if you will find what your looking for but it’s a good place to look.

Thanks for the suggestion, Deaf_piper. That’s where I found references to word choice, word lists, etc, but the only recordings I could find were commercial. Probably worth a second look though.

Do you have a smart phone? If you do you can find apps online that Cochlear Implant recipients use. Hearoes and iAngelSound are 2 that I used but you will find more. Again these might not be what you are looking for.

That’s great idea! I’ll go see what I can find, thanks.

What about audible books? Get the hard copy from the library and get the audible version. This way you can read and listen at the same time.

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I do listen to stuff online, but never really been able to get into audio books. And I’ve never tried reading along. I do the listening because I read (here) that it helps preserve your word recognition.

What I’m trying to do now though is set up a simple home version of the wrs test I got at the audiologist so I can try various settings on my HAs at home.

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