Sounds to test Streaming through hearing aids


This has possibly been discussed a few times.
I came across the following with a test for headphones, how reliable is this for testing purposes of streaming through your hearing aids?


This was amazing to see my aids in real-time work with specific tests! especially since I have soundshaper on (bumps higher frequencies down) - was able to really see it in action.


Pretty cool. I just ran the test with my Marvels and got down to 40Hz on the lows and then up to 15000Hz on the hights with a very abrupt cut-off after that. Everything else did really well.


Me with my current Naida Q UP Ric and Compilot I: 65Hz on the lows and then about 15000Hz on the hights


Wow I never would have believed how good at streaming that my OPN1s are with streaming frequencies response from 60 to 18000hz. To me it is unbelievable. But I know when my hearing was its best I could hear a very broad sound spectrum.


Puh, using this video I still heard a decreasing sound at 15Hz in my Naida B with ComPilot II.
In the past I did a similar test using the app “Function Generator”. With that I could decrease the frequency down to 25Hz and still hear it. 50Hz is hearable very loud (and impressive).
I use closed domes with the vents filled with toothpaste (don’t laugh! I just want to easily be able to open the vents again, if neccessary).
When playing music/audio via ComPilot the Naidas are switching into the music-program. I have tuned this program to have much more gain in the lows than the normal AutoOS-programs (+16dB@170Hz).


Yes, this was really interesting. When going from 11kHz up to 12kHz I heard downwalking frequencies! :smiley: keep in mind: I don’t hear anything at or above 3kHz.


Dani, you need to get some of these from your audiologist. You can trim them down and they are easier/faster than toothpaste :slight_smile: I need to try the test again with my vents plugged. I’ll bet it does better on the lows.


Ah, you have edited your post. Yesterday I was confused that Marvel could play fine only up to 1,500Hz instead of 15kHz.
And yes, please, do the test with your Marvels again with the vents closed, I am very interested in the results. Btw I have already seen your photo of your set of plugs to close the vents in another thread. Thank you for the tip. Actually the toothpaste was just for testing purposes but since the test (>6 months) I have kept the vents closed. I like the sound while streaming much more than before and the most important thing is: low frequency noise is kept out which is neccessary and effective for me (daily trip by train, restaurants, humming computer-fans, etc). Occlusion is no longer a problem, it took me less than a week to get used to it.
In fact I should go to the Aud and request fully closed custom molds using thermotec.


I tried it. I have Phonak Brio 3 hearing aids (Costco version of the Phonak B90) and a Compilot 2.

I could hear sounds from around 100hz to around 13,000 hz. I was surprised it went so high.