Sounds after Nucleus 7 processor turned on

My sister recently had an implant which was turned on yesterday.
She now is bombarded with music coming from the implant, not external. The sound is constant and is bothering her immensely.
She understood her audiologist to say the sounds “may” stop with time.
Has anyone experienced this phenomenon? Did it last long? What can she do about it?
I have suggested a fan or a sound machine to try to drown out the sound so that she can sleep.
Thank you for any suggestions or hope that you can offer.

Music? Or just noise?
Maybe it has bluetooth and got linked to a player. Maybe it’s picking up over the air radio.
If it’s just noise then welcome to the real world of constant noise around us.
Wouldn’t one turn off an implant at night assuming there’s something external? Or a remote to turn it off? I know I wouldn’t mind blissful silence while sleeping.

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Are you talking about a cochlear implant?
If so, which brand did she get?
My first cochlear implant activation was a bunch of gibberish for the first couple or three weeks. Especially the higher frequencies. The gibberish slowly turned into recognizable sounds from lower frequencies up over the first month or so.

She has a Nucleus 7 cochlear implant.

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She is trying to install the control app on her phone but so far has been unable to pair her phone. She is going to contact her audiologist Monday for help. The manufacturer couldn’t help.
I’m not near her so I don’t know what the problem is.

Her fitter should have set the phone up with the processor, including the app at her implant activation.

She needs a phone with Android 10 or higher to stream without an intermediate device or an iPhone. I bought a used Google Pixel 3 for a reasonable price that connects to my Nucleus 7 processors. What phone does she have?

The best that i can understand, the audiologist didnt. My sister will talk to her on Monday.

Your sister needs to download the Nucleus Smart app onto her iphone. Then the CI Aud needs to connect the app to her computer and your sisters N7 so your sister can control the volume. Or use the remote that came with the N7 to control the volume. It needs to be turned down to low at first then gradually increase it over the first couple of weeks.

If the sounds your sister is talking about is the staticky noise when she connects the magnets. This should settle down and not be more than about a minute. After I changed my coil these staticky sounds decreased even more.

She has connected to the app. She says she is actually hearing music and sometimes singing that she can follow the song on.
Almost sounds like she may be picking up some radio station. Is that possible or has anyone experienced anything similar?

Is it rock & roll, blues, jazz, religious, country? Just kidding.

Ask her to push the button on top of the processor when she hears music. See if anything changes.

What phone does she have?

I wonder if she is mistaking noise for music. All the new sounds from the implant activation can be overwhelming. These sounds might not be recognizable at first. Is she in a quiet environment when this music happens or is it kind of noisy? Little sounds can be really loud for the CI activation. I hear clocks ticking, all sorts of house sounds and going outside is crazy. Birds, cars and trucks, insects, wind, leaves etc. It takes time to know what you are hearing. At first it’s just gibberish or noise.

Can she hear from the other ear? I could hear a little from my other ear when the first implant was activated. I used an aid in that ear for a few days then just took it out. 100% CI from then on. Hearing from both sides can be confusing for some.

It’s hard for me to fathom her hearing real music. The technology just doesn’t do that without doing things to make it happen.

Anyway, tell us more when you can.
Good luck

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I agree with @Raudrive, the N7 processor doesn’t play music, nor is it not designed or programmed to work as a radio.

If she has everything paired correctly, she could well be streaming music from a music program on her phone though. If she’s actually hearing music and the lyrics from the music why isn’t she understanding what you say to her?

The only other thing I can think of is the noise she’s hearing is tinnitus.

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@fwlee Did your sister ever get this issue resolved with her audi? Is it with her processor on or off of her implant?

If it’s with the processor on, the microphones are sensitive and will pick up any little noise. The refrigerator can be annoying for me. I did have a hum with the processor on that I could hear when there was silence. The audi turned off one of the electrodes and that cured it.

I will admit that I’ve heard some low volume tones on my implanted side, but nothing loud and sometimes I can hear music, but I think that’s just my brain remembering the melody of a song. It isn’t loud or annoying and I ignore it like white noise. When I hear sounds, I don’t hear singing, it all computer sounding sounds or a melody of a song I know, this is why I think it’s the brain and it’s only on the implanted side. I asked my audi if the implant could generate sounds without the processor, but she said no. It’s only on the implant side. I just ignore it. If it’s not with the processor and it continues, I’d be concerned, if it’s with the implant, the processor probably needs mappings and fine tuning.

She hasn’t said lately so I assume she did. She is in therapy now and her report last night she felt she was making good progress.
Thank you for your interest. I will forward your comments to her.

My sister says she still hears music and words to the song any time it’s not being blocked by the television sound.

This is interesting. Maybe it’s like debbie_o, she just has music on the brain.
Ask your sister to turn her phone off as in power it down next time she is hearing music. Does she stream music with her phone sometimes?

It’s been a month since activation. Has she had another session with the audiologist? Hopefully she is starting to get some speech understanding. The audiologist should test for word understanding and give her the results. Sharing that with us will help us tell you things we have been through. We are all different how this CI goes but most have similar results in time.

I didn’t hear words it was just light tones, kind of like synthesized. I lost the hearing in my implanted just 7 months before I was implanted. I had normal hearing without having to use a hearing aid in that ear, but I had one because of the loss in my left ear that I had since I was a toddler. So maybe that had something to do with it It could be the melody of the music in my brain, but, it sounded like it was coming from the implanted side. It never was a bother, so I mentioned it once and that was it.