Soundpilot works with new Certena/Versata models but NOT with Naida/Exelia

I recently found out the the newer Phonak models can use the SoundPilot remote control (Certena/Versata).
The model I’ve been trying, the Naida, cannot.
I can only use the MyPilot remote.

This is annoying.
I was very happy with the individual buttons, when using my previous Phonak Claro.
I hung it arout my neck, under my shirt, and instantly selected a raised button. (1, 2, 3, auto, FM, FM+mic)

Now I have to use the hearing aid switch or a MyPilot.
It takes at least 10 seconds to toggle through all the settings.
You have to look at the MyPilot display, which has buttons that are flush with the surface (you can’t feel them through a shirt).
It has been awkward to change to telecoil when I need to.

I’ve been generally happy with the Naida.
The feedback control, and SoundRecover have allowed me to turn up the volume enough to hear thing I have never been able to hear before.

I’ve just had issues with the control.

The ICom only switches on automatically, which is another problem.
There is aparently no way to select “iCom” with a remote control

I had resigned myself to thinking that the wiring would not allow configuration of newer models with older remotes.
When I found out that the newest hearing aids (Certena/Versata) could use all the remotes, i was annoyed.
Why did they skip a couple of models (Naida/Exelia)?

Does anybody know why this is?
Is there a way to let Phonak know my complaints, and leave me feeling like I’m being heard?

Does Phonak, by any chance listen to this forum?

The Naida is a very good product.
But is annoying to lose functionality I had enjoyed with an earlier model (Claro).
It adds insult to injury to find out that that functionality is being restored with subsequent models.

I agree that Phonak could pay more attention to the compatibility of the remote controls. You could email Phonak, I’m currently using microSavia 100 dSZ with Soundpilot2 remote control and I’m happy, but if I ever change to another model I’d hope a remote control with similar functions.

When you wrote that SoundPilot is compatible with Certena and Versata, are you sure you don’t mean KeyPilot? Keypilot2 and WatchPilot2 are listed as compatible with Certena and Versata on Phonak’s website, and they are not listed for Exelia or Naida. Also on another thread,, EnglishDispenser wrote that he fitted Certena with KeyPilot because the fitting software had no option for Soundpilot. This is not conclusive however, because updates keep coming to the fitting sowtware, and Phonak’s website may not be updated. Where did you get the information about SoundPilot and could that be mistaken with KeyPilot?

KeyPilot2 and SoundPilot2 are handy and discreet and also people who have problems with sight could use them, and since a lot of hearing aid wearers are old people I think the easiness of use would need to be taken into account. I could personally welcome new remote control functions if I don’t lose old ones, but I would not hope for a color screen or visible text on the front side because those draw attention and questions. I understand that it might not matter to quite some people, but it matters to me because I meet a lot of new people and I don’t want to constantly explain that I have hearing aids.

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The Phonac Certena website only mentions the KeyPilot and the watchPilot, so I think you are probably right. The SoundPilot may not work with the Certena and Versata.

I used the WatchPilot and the Soundpilot with the Claro.
The WatchPilot is discreet, but not as good as the SoundPilot, which allowed instant and discreet access to the desired program.
The WatchPilot requires toggling through all the programs.

I would like SoundPilot functionality with the Naida.

Thank for the link. I will send a note to

I don’t see a need to pull out a graphic display (MyPilot) when I want to change the programming or adjust the volume.
It is an unnecessary distraction.

you may want to sent to several countries, as the USA link seems to not care to reply. I had my best replies from a contact in Sweden.