Soundlens Issue

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Has anyone experienced this issue? If so do you know why the soundlens does this?

Using my cellphone, I can push ## to let soundlens know that I want to change a channel. When i do that it makes a double beep sound which it should so I know the aid took the command. Here’s the issue, the soundlens has occasionally done that double beep sound at random (when I did not even use the cell phone button command). Then a couple of minutes later, the aid makes a steady high pitch sound for about 10 seconds then stops and everything is ok. Does anyone know why the aid does the random double beep then a few minutes later make a high pitch noise for a few seconds?

It doesn’t make sense that the aid should do this at all. I really want to find out why it’s does that from time to time. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Mine have done similar things, at random times as well. Have never figured out why, one thing I suspect is environmental? The reason why I say that is, my wife is a nurse and works at the hospital and often I will bring her lunch. The Imaging center has large magnetic arrays or assemblies of some kind buried in the ground in the vicinity (as well as fencing around those devices as well, with warning signs on them), and whenever I walk near that area my Soundlenses also make a strange tone, kind of like the “emergency broadcast” tone they used to play on the TV. Seems like one aid does it more than the other.

So, I wonder if you are always in the same general area when it happens?