Soundhawk Review for Hearing Loss with Sound Samples

We recently reviewed the Soundhawk (the wireless microphone / personal sound amplification product seen in the image below)…

We tried really hard to make the information useful for both audiologists and consumers, and even included some sound samples (near the bottom of the post).

If you have any personal experience with the Soundhawk, please post a comment here or at the bottom of our blog article!


Thanks so much!
Abram Bailey

We’ve just posted the second half of our expert review. I’ve attached an image below for easy access. In this review we provide the approximate hearing loss range that might be suitable for the Soundhawk.

Link to second half of theExpert Soundhawk Review

We would love to hear your feedback, either here, or on the bottom of our blog post!

Does anyone have any personal experience wearing the Soundhawk? I’d love to get the discussion started!