Soundgate Cuts Out

I purchased Bernafon HA and a Soundgate controller from Costco.

When using the bluetooth for phone conversations it appears to cut in and out. I can hear the HA go from the normal program and then back to the soundgate and the back to the normal. Makes having a conversation very difficult.

On a rare occasion if I am completely still and in a quiet room it works great. That is not helpful in the car or the office.

I have tried 2 different phones with similar results.

I am currently using an iPhone 4. If I am watching a video the sound goes over the bluetooth nicely. However, if I turn my head the sound cuts out.

It almost seems like something is shorting out or loose in the HA.

All this is happening while wearing the Soundgate on the neck loop.

Is the connection that fragile or is there something wrong with the HA or Soundgate?


250 L20 R20
500 L20 R20
1000 L15 R15
1500 L20 R10
2000 L45 R25
3000 L45 R10
4000 L60 R20
6000 L35 R10
8000 L20 R10

My Costco fitter told me this week that she has seen a couple issues with iPhone & Soundgate. She thought that Apple was coming out with a patch shortly for this bluetooth issue. The other thing her clients have mentioned was that for some people the standard neck loop was too long for effective, consistent reception. There is a shorter loop that is available. I have not tried the Soundgate yet myself, but would consider it in the future.

I was having similar issues with a couple of phones, replaced the Soungate worked great for awhile, then back to right ear , left ear, no ear any movement seemed to make the connection between the soundgate and hearing aids flaky.

Well out of sheer desperation and swapping the soundgate twice, I put the strange acting soundgate and neckband in the Hearing Aid dryer the first time for about 2 hours and viola the issue went away, Now once week I put the Soundgate in with the hearing aids overnight…

I did read somewhere the neck strap is used by the soundgate to enhance connection to the HA’s and should never be allowed to get twisted or wet, I suspect sweat will eventually cause this issue.

Hope this helps.

I was told that the thick neck strap was actually part of the antenna system. It is very interesting to hear that your issues went away with using the hearing aid dryer. Thanks.

Thanks for all the info… I’ll give the dryer a shot. fingers crossed. If that does not work I might see about getting the Soundgate replaced.