SoundFlow Sensivity on Naidas?

I really like how my Naidas are programmed but I still struggle when hearing in noise.

I’ve found out today that the SoundFlow sensivity can be adjusted between different strengths.

I personally don’t know what mine is but if its not at MAX then I will ask for it to be increased.

What I’m curious to know is whether my Audi can increase the Sensivity of just the speech in noise setting SoundFlow setting or does it only work on all at once?

Is there a standard Sensivity setting when you first program Naidas?

The Speech in Noise setting can be adjusted in soundflow. For example, the defaults in mine are as follows:

Noiseblock = light
Microphone mode= Digital audiozoom

You can increase the blocking to moderate or strong…Microphone mode has some adjustments also. Soundflow can also have a priority setting to default to Speech in noise and take more priority between Calm, Speech in Noise, or Comfort in noise. The program also has an option to increase or decrease sensitivity to environmental changes. Also, you can maintain audibility or maximize comfort in noisy situations.

The best method is to write down all your issues in each listening environment, and then what environment are you most likely to be in most of your day. That way you can be armed with everything on paper at your next audiologist visit.

If possible, search my userID for all my posts. I am pretty sure I’ve said all this before in the past.


I have tried setting “Speech in Noise” as high priority, and this did nothing for me. Everyone hears differently, so don`t let this stop you trying.

Hearing in noise, seems to be different to hearing in a car or coach. This is where I struggle, as my left hears all the low`s…. The effect in a car is that I hear the engine noise, but all speech is pushed up to higher frequencies and appears thin.

The software has an Automatic Tuning section, and there is provision for “Hearing in Car Noise” which also doesn`t work for me. It sometimes helps using the “T+ mic” setting, but it can pick up electronic noise from the car.

I am in the process of trying separate programs to work better, but it could take time.