Soundbite. Anyone heard of it?



I was at the dentist office a couple days ago and found an article in the Popular Science magazine. It was about a new device called the “Soundbite” that attaches to your teeth to help people with single sided hearing loss. It could be a possible replacement for a BAHA without surgery.

Interesting article, has anyone heard of or know anything about it?


Last thing I heard about those it was 12 years (or longer) ago…

Haven’t seen any articles about these recently.

Have a link or volume number of the Pop Sci magazine?


I believe it was June 2010. I did a Google search for Soundbite and it is very new. That is why I asked here on the forum. Thought it might be good for some.


I’m looking forward to checking them out when they’re available in my area. In the meantime, here’s their website:


Anyone have any new info on the soundbite??


I’m going to check it out on Friday in Tampa. If you go to this website, it’ll show where it’s currently being offered:


look at seems appealing. I have one bad ear /SSD
Am learning more.
They gather the noise in the ear canal; process it behind the ear; and the speaker/receiver is a transducer clamped to a rear ?upper molar. Could be brilliant.

I’ll report as I learn more, and visit a Seattle Doc who fits these, I expect.
sonitus is the parent company.

Amir Abolfathi is the CEO of Sonitus Medical maker of soundbite

any other ideas on SOUNDBITE?

cheers, elijah


About six weeks ago, a friend , who like me lost hearing in one ear from an acoustic neuroma removal
told me about sound bite. I was extremely excited , contacted my doctor, and went full spead ahead. Today I got my Sound Bite fitted in about and hour and can now hear from my left (bad ) ear.

No surgery, no BAHA. MAmazing technology . I heard his fingers rubbing together once turn on.

I have only had it for about seven hours but it does work and I do not appear to need any adjustment time.

The only issue so far is when in the car, the mic in my left ear bounces off the car window and gives feedback. I may need an adjustment at some point.


I’ve had my SoundBite for about 6 months. What I like most about it is that I’m able to hear more. It’s not the same as 2 working ears and I don’t have directional hearing, but it’s a definite improvement after 3.5 years of SSD.


I’m curious to see if other companies will develop some aids that uses a similar idea as the soundbite.


Soundbite got denied by CMS here but they are now in Shanghai China. The technology is great. You can wear it like you’re not using a hearing aid because you can hide the microphone under your shirt and sound transmits into the teeth. It’s awesome! I can’t live normally without it. :+1:t2::nerd_face:


Hi, Brilliant news! Was waiting for this bone-conduction tech to re-emerge! Can you tell me the new product name or URL to their company website. Thanks.


fyi, found some info (below). will research. however if any additional comments on them, highly appreciated. Thanks.