Sound quality of streamed phone calls on Phonak Marvel M90

I’m researching new hearing aids and sometimes one researches so much - one confuses one’s self. :thinking::crazy_face:. That’s where I am.
Here is my summary
I am thinking I SHOULD stick with MFI Hearing aids. It is my understanding that Phonak Marvels are not MFI. Ppl are stating the sound clarity of Phonak Marvels are great … but phone calls are not so good. I ‘think’ they are talking maybe about using the HA mics but not sure. I’m not sure if I would be able to take an incoming call from my iPhone - like I do now with my Signia- not selecting the incoming call on the Phonak HAs and still have it stream to both ears. This is where I am in my research. :thinking:. Anyone out there with an iPhone AND Phonak Marvel M90s that can clarify the incoming and conversation on the phone. Talking and hearing on the phone -as well as the other person hearing me clearly is a definite requirement. With my loss I cannot hear on the phone without streaming to both ears. I was looking at Phonak fir the positives on speech clarity. TIA.

My wife has the KS9 aids which are basically the Phonak Audeo M90 aids. She uses an iPhone with excellent results both inside the house and outside the house. I have Audeo M90 RT aids and use a Samsung S9 phone and have excellent results inside and out.
The Phonak Marvel aids are made for iOS and Android phones and do not need an intermediate device to connect wirelessly. They are not perfect but pretty darn good. The trick to these aids is setting them up properly by the fitter. If they are not set up right you will have complaints.

Other brand aids are good too when set up properly. That’s the key to great aids, properly programmed to your loss.

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Marvels & iphones great combo in car and inside quiet. Not so great in noisy environment or outside in wind. But you take what you can get. Other options if you are unwilling to compromise.


I have the Phonak M90 RT and a iPhone X. I have always had trouble hearing on the phone prior to getting hearing aids but now with Phonak I never have a problem. I can’t hear on the home phone so I rely on my cellphone for good connection inside and outside. As Raudrive said above - its the setting up properly by a fitter that makes all the difference. Good luck with your search :slight_smile:


Thank you Rick, Psych and Lorjoh! All input is good. I get so tired and stressed on the phone -so it’s important to me. The reviews say that speech clarity is great - another requirement. Restaurants are tough no matter what so I make do. Have not heard much of how Phonak perform in wind. I’m a boater, so wind blocking or whatever it’s called is kind of important. How do y’all think they do in the wind? TIA

I don’t have any problems in the wind (and we get a lot of it!) - again I think this comes down to having a great fitter who knows exactly how to tweak them.

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Hi Sequoia_Woman I just can say that in the wind my new M90 are much much better compared to my old Phonak audeo. In my opinion they work well in such situation but I am not a boater…

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About wind noise, I tested them on wind in cabrio, with and without roof, fast road, was very pleased with results, wind noise was weaker than on my good ear :rofl:

About calls, adaptive BT option makes calls of better quality (on android, but I assume iphone would do the same).
Mics definitely pick up background noise and you sound to the receipient weaker/a bit muffled, but still decently comprehensible.
If it’s quiet, then yes it’s a bit weaker than random earphones with mic that come with the phone if you compare directly, but no problem at all with comprehension.

My receipients for test were my parents, one of them has significant hearing problems but refuses to make test and is opposed to wearing aids, with ‘how it will look’, so I guess, one thing I’ve found out is his real opinion of HAs :joy:
But they had no problem understanding.

But at the end, I think no matter what we say, only you can see for yourself how it works in your environments. I mean, what I notice as different quality you might not. Or vice versa.

HAs have trials. You need 1-2h tops to get answer to all your questions regarding sound quality for you and receipients in house, in front of/on the street, in the supermarket.

Yes, don’t expect they’ll do good for phone calls from windy boat. Receipients probably won’t hear you then. But for listening music/podcats, if you have closed fit, no problem.

If you have open fit, just put some protectors on top, because otherwise you’ll probably hear some wind because of the fit itself.

However, that’s all assuming that they’re fitted to fit you best, using best practices, neatly summarised by dr cliff olson, check here

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In case you didn’t know, marvels have option duophone/acoustic phone, I’ve tested it on mobile phone since I don’t have acoustic one. You hold the phone somewhat higher so mics can pick up the voice and it streams directly to the other HA as well.
Sound quality was usable. Direct stream is definitely better, but this definitely can serve the purpose.

But, I can’t see the option for automatic activation, so it has to be as a program you have to choose.

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Thank you Blacky. I do understand that environments are dIfferent and I so appreciate your drive in the wind test.

Thank you. That’s good to know

I have Phonak M90 13T aids and use my Apple Watch (cellular) for phone calls, music and workout app’s and leave my iPhone at home. The aids pair to the watch and it is easy to use using the watch face and stem or just saying “Hey Siri, Call Joe” it connects the call to my hearing aids hands free. It is also a great music player to the HA as wireless headphones.

I also use the iPhone for the myPhonak app to control the devices.


Costco KS9s in my hears here. They work perfectly (most of the time) with my iPhone XR. I use them in my home office. Also, when riding my bike.

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I have Phonak Marvel M70 aids and an iPhone. With phone calls coming directly to the HAs I hear better than with the phone on speakerphone, and of course it is more private. But I don’t hear perfectly. I wish I could just increase the volume of the HAs a bit during phone calls, but I haven’t figured out how.

That said, I admit that I haven’t experimented much as I don’t use a phone very much.

Any suggestions?

Not sure which Marvel aids you have.
I believe they all have a toggle switch on each of the aids. Usually a tap one way or the other on this switch will raise or lower the volume of sound in whatever program you are in at the time.

Thanks. I’ll try it.

This is also how the aids learn what you like in any given environment. When the aids are connected to the phonak target software all these volume changes will be noted and target can make adjustments to the particular program based on your changes.

Thanks Blacky - I had my audiologist set this up for me a couple of visits ago but it didn’t work for me. It could be something to do with the type of home phone I have but most people call me on my cellphone anyway and I am trying to do away with the home phone.

If I have this issue I just turn the phone up and that seems to help. It could be that your phone set up on Autosense needs some tweaking if its not loud enough. Also in the app are you on Fixed bandwidth or Adaptive - I find that adaptive is better for me - it is supposed to enhance sound quality for phone calls. You can find this on the app under My Hearing Aids and Blue Tooth phone call.

I wear KS9s, Costco’s version of Phonak M90.
As soon as I start walking the other party can only hear me intermittently. But all is fine when I am in a moving car. I have never used the phone on a boat.

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