Sound issue- me or my HAs?


New to HA use having only worn them for 2 weeks. I am still in the stage of them / BTE Widex Evoke 440 F2/ gradually being increased in settings to full prescription. (Well I assume anyway- stage 2 of a 4 box choice that I had seen on the fitting screen) Open dome domes.
Anyway, issue is in the highs (I believe) while listening to music from an outside source at a normal listening level.The L over the R seems “scratchy” like a blown tweeter in a stereo speaker. R does it as well but not to the extent of my L it seems. It also seems worse when using the “Music” selection in the app, not so bad in “Universal” although still present but to a lessor extent. I have moved the treble down in the EQ, but doesn’t that defeat the purpose of what we are trying to correct? I am under the assumption it is just me since that seems to be where my loss is if I’m reading my test correctly. Is there something I need to ask my Audi to correct specifically or is this where a REM test would be advised?


I get something similar. I liken it to over-driven speakers. I only get it occasionally. I’d certainly mention it to your fitter.
I’d be interested to read what comes of your questioning it.
Maybe the fact that your hearing is pretty good up to 2khz you’re hearing it. Maybe the power coverage of your receivers don’t cover that 2khz point where your hearing drops off. But I’m no expert.


The following is likely not relevant, but here goes: I have eustachian tube dysfunction and sometimes fluid gets trapped behind my eardrums. this causes the same kind of distortion you mention. And I really only notice the distortion when I play music–on the guitar. Not in conversation.

But unless you’ve had that before it’s more likely that the issue is related to your new aids.


Thanks for the input. Mine is since getting the HAs, for now I drop the treble in the app EQ. I will mention it to the Audi and see where I end up. I believe we’re going to boost to the next level this Wednesday so hopefully it doesn’t boost that sensation too. It’s still early in my receiving of these things, I expect some ups and downs until we get them fine tuned.


I obviously don’t know, but I’d encourage getting a separate music program setup. I suspect the issue is more your ears. You probably haven’t heard those 3-4kHZ sounds for a long time.


I do have a music program and it does the same although it seems to be in the left more than the right when using it. I believe you are on the right track though that it is actually me and that frequency range. Most of the time I get the noise is when it is a female singer- took me a bit to figure this itself out- process of elimination, paying attention to the songs and such. I play music 24/7 to help ignore tinnitus- My own therapy so to speak.


Audi today, upped closer my prescription and tweaked the Music program pretty much in the range MDB stated. It’s better and I can adjust further using the EQ or trying the Sound Sense Learn if need be. I haven’t really messed with the sound sense except a few times and ended up with it stating I basically selected my programming that was already installed.