Sound clipping



I would like to know if it is possible reduce the sound clipping of my oticon hearing aids or
which hearing aids can deliver sounds and speech sounds without clipping.

What I mean with clipping is that the sound especially speech doesn’t sound smooth like when you take the hearing aids off and someone talks to you close to your ear or when you are using an analog sound amplifier.

Sometimes when people talk to me and I have my hearing aids the speech sounds sound clipped or like with a small interruption between sounds… The louder I put the hearing aids the larger the interruptions or clipping.

Thanks for your suggestions


Phonak Naida Q70-UP and peak clipping


I have had three sets of Oticon hearing aids and have never had issues with clipping. I now have OPN1s and thy sound the best I have ever had


@julionelsonperez, Do you wear Oticon OPN hearing aids? If so, @Volusiano may be the person who can give you some advice, as he knows the OPN platform really well. I’m not sure, but if you are wearing OPN and having sound cut-outs, your audiologist might have to make some adjustments to the “transient noise” settings. Or maybe you need software updates to your devices? You should definitely let your audiologist know. Your hearing aids may also need servicing. Good luck.


Yes, you definitely need to see someone. It sounds as if the aids aren’t powerful enough. I trialed a set of CIC analog units in 1988. They would clip from wind noise in my car. It drove me nuts. I had to go back to full shell ITE.