Sore ear with ReSound Preza

I am trailing Resound Prezas with Costco…my Kirkland 5.0s died. Having a persistent problem with one ear being sore inside. Discovered it was likely caused by the sharp edge on the receiver. Aud tried several domes to no avail, so today I am trailing a mold, which solves the soreness but gives me some occlusion. It was a mold he had lying around…and he will fit me for a “tailored” mold next week. I do not have a wax problem, and I tried my old dead aid on and it didn’t hurt. Anyone have this situation? I’d prefer to not have occlusion at all.

Have you tried some lubricant like Comfort Ear. I had soreness and I put a very small drop on my finger and carefully wipe it on my domes without getting it on the receiver opening. My Audi recommended this idea and it has worked for me. I have the Preza as well, but am currently trialing the new ONE from Resound, but I still use the Comfort Ear every morning.

Occlusion should be able to be controlled if you get appropriate sized vent in custom mold.

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No, good idea. Thanks.

Good point…I hope that is the case. I didn’t ask Audi about occlusion because I didn’t notice it until I left .

Tell your audiologist when they are making the impression…they will make an appropriate vent…

I will. I am now wondering if I will have to chose between comfort and quality of hearing.
Comfort will win,

You do not have to make a choice like that. Custom molds can be made that fit correctly and are comfortable. Have patience, and work with your audi to get a good fit.

Thanks for your advice. Can you recommend article discussing various dome and mold options. pros and cons. Is there a sense of “try first, second, etc”?

IMHO, that is a conversation with your Audi/fitter. Discuss your concerns and let them choose based on their expertise.

The responses seem to split between “Let the pro decide” and “DIY.” I’d say if you have to ask, let the pro decide, but don’t take the recommendation as the final answer. There is tremendous variation in how people tolerate different types of molds and venting. I’m still struck by one forum member’s preference on venting. Looking at his audiogram, any pro would recommend an open fitting. He chose a completely occlusive fitting.

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I agree with your statement but getting help from this forum as to choices is a good thing. A knowledge patient will understand the audiologist and actually be able to help, hopefully in a good way.


I’d say that ideally, pros decide, we whine. It’s not our job to give solutions, but it is our job to whine and give as much details possible about what doesn’t work with current solutions.

Hell, we’re paying them big money, they should earn it. If we don’t demand that, they’ll never start. :slight_smile: