Sony and WS Audiology Announce Partnership on OTC Self-Fitting Hearing Aid Business

Well I didn’t see this coming, so this is definitely a good move.


It won’t be long before the advances in smaller more powerful and energy efficient chips will come to the severe to profound category of in the ear hearing aids. IMO

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Here’s a link that describes the aids and prices.

Now this is really interesting, but just ITE type for now?RIC/BTE hopefully come along at some point.

The battery ones just seem like a variant of a lower end Signia Silk. Roughly $1000 bucks for no service, I’m guessing a year warranty and needing to shell out for domes and batteries on a regular basis.

$1300 (model CRE-E10)

Yeah that’s what I thought, well at least it’s a model that’s been around a while so shouldn’t give any long term issues.

But wait, it’s Bluetooth iOS only As in MFi? (CRE-E10)

Don’t what the inspiration for that model is. The …C10 is the one that looks Silk inspired.

Yeah I know, but I’m just saying that the other is MFi, wheres LE Audio or at least android support?

MFi is likely the cheapest to offer. Pretty sure these are all going to use older tech.

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This thread can help us understand the reactions to Sony’s OTC hearing aids announcement.


For mild to moderate hearing loss. Wouldn’t work for me.

This is stated as part of the OTC rules…but I’d think even someone with severe loss could benefit, this was the case when Bose SoundControl released their OTC earlier on.

So CRE-E10 is looking like the parts bin from Signia, the Active Pro and the other model a silk, so Sony does the software and Signia the hardware?

Oh and the price is far to high, you compare to Costco (KS10 for instance)

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