Sonova to acquire Sennheiser Consumer Division

So I just noticed this, hopefully something good will come of it, possibly a move to OTC hearing aids in the future I wonder?


It sounds like they want to expand into the OTC “hearables” market through them. They have good brand recognition and an excellent reputation for higher end headphones and whatnot, and also run down into entry level earbuds. I imagine Sonova’s thoughts are why try to build brand recognition when you already have it with Sennheiser. Samsung just released earbuds that also are supposed offer high quality PSAP functionality. When you have companies as large as Samsung and no doubt Apple going into that marketplace, especially if they pursue OTC approvals on new products, you need a well established brand to hope to compete. We may know the names of top HA manufacturers, but the general public has no idea.

That could be very good within the hearing assistance market. I just hope it doesn’t drain and hurt their core music headphones and pro audio products. I’ve lived with Sennheiser headphones for decades and love their sound. I still use two pairs, one that’s several years old and another that is well over 10 years old. If they ever go, and I can no longer get them serviced, I hope future offerings will meet the same standards.

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My,my, what a move by Sonova.
My 1st “Real” Headphones were these:

Sennheiser HD 414. Great memories.
Now using Momentum 2 Wireless, and HD 598’s.

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