Sonova recalling some cochlear implants

Sonova said it was retrieving un-implanted devices of the initial version of HiRes Ultra and Ultra 3D cochlear implants.
“The complaints ranged from people saying ‘I hear a little less good today’ to some people saying they don’t feel they have an improvement from the device any more,” he said.
“If people’s hearing continues to degrade, they should see their audiologist who could do some extra testing, and then determine the course of action.” Reuters

EDIT: Apparently not the same product fault as December 2010 recall.

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Interesting. But that other recall you linked is from over nine years ago, not exactly recent.

Here’s the statement from Sonova today. It’s a huge recall of the Hires ultra 3D. I feel for those that have been implanted, and the worry they will be going through.

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