Sonic velocity feedback cancelling

Does the sonic velocity cancel feedback (squeal), as well as the starkey destiny. With my old aids I get feedback while using the telephone.Thanks for all your info. I appreciate this forum.

most modern hearing aids, the newer ones will come with auto t coil,
or with an acoustic phone program to solve for this problem…

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The Starkey feedback controller is very effective.

I believe it might had the best available gain right now on the market. Available gain is how much more volume one can get by turning up the volume control without worrying about a whistle.

Starkey models like Destiny 400, 800, and 1200 have automatic phone positions so the aids will adjust for telephone use without you touching them.

If you are worried about your other aids, ask to get an automatic telecoil (pay the extra money for it, I think they are great.) This means when a phones is against the hearing aid, the hearing aid will only hear what’s on the phone so it won’t whistle on you.

Best of luck.

Most mid to high-end hearing aids today have some type of feedback cancellation. Most are fairly effective; however, they are usually effective as long as the acoustical environment stays the same. That is, if you hold the phone up to the hearing aid perfectly still, the aids can cancel the feedback. Usually, though, the feedback cancellation is not enough- by itself- to cancel all the feedback on the phone. As previously mentioned, automatical telephone programs can help this. As well as using mini-BTE hearing aids that cause much less feedback than standard in-the-ear or in-the-canal aids.

Hope this helps.

The Velocity (Sonic Innovations) has one of the best feedback cancellers and is active, so when you place a phone/hand next to it, it has the ability to lessen the feedback, even if the path is different than when the feedback canceller is run in the clinic.

They also incorporate an automatic telephone program, similar to other manufacturers with the ITC and above.

I like using the Velocity, yet they do not have them in an a small open fit BTE at this time.

i have been told by a a couple of larg manuf
that all hearing aids in the short term future will have auto t coil

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xBulder, I wonder if that will really happen?

I would like to see all aids with the a t-coil (maybe not all automatic). CIC’s of course are too small, but having them included would make it nice for people.

I believe most widex have a acoustic auto phone program.
I have seen a few senso’s with this features…
Because senso is such an old instrument, im assuming most of their aids do have them… We would have to ask someone who deals with widex

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