Sonic Innovations Ion and others

Hi, I’m new to the forum and have been reading it quite a bit over the last several days and am grateful to have found all this experience. I have moderate loss, ski slope, about 40 db loss in the speech range and am about to be fitted with my first HA. My audio has recommended the Sonic Innovations Ion (BTE open ear) although I might switch to the Ion 400. I’ve done a search and noticed that the Ions hardly get mentioned although they seem pretty cool as far as comfort and features and size. these are the only small BTE that my audio recommends even though she also offers Resound, Phonak, Oticon and more. I couldn’t get a solid reason why other then she says it’s just better and was wondering if someone could shed light on this.

Does anyone wear Ions or have any opinion on them with regard to noise reduction and speech intelligibility and sound quality?


Sonic is a good company, they just aren’t as big as some of the others so are not as well known. The Ion is a nice product with a small size, and if your audiologist has fit them before she is probably very familiar with their fitting software and features.

Sonic has done some research on their Natura line showing that just the circuit itself improves speech understanding in noise, even without directional microphones. I would assume they have taken the same technology and improved upon it in their Ion line.

I seen the velocity and love the design…
but the reality is kind of crude…
they are not making any money
they have been loosing money in an industry where everyone makes money,
so their long term sustainability is still a big question mark…

Hey there… I fit oodles of Ions and they are incredible. Our patients with mild to moderate losses love them compared to RITE aids. The program button comes in handy in noisy environments.

It is a great aid. Most auds fit what they like and what works best for the majority of their clients. Just make sure you have a sufficient trial period. Not every hearing aid is for everyone!!

what are you favorite Sonic Inv products…
what do you think are their strong points?