Sonic Innovations Expressfit Hardware

I have the 6.4 Software and got the hardware device which is revision F. has the CS44 cables for plugging into the hearing aids and coming out of the other end of the box are 2 connectors, one marked blue and one marked red which look like PS2 style connectors. Does anyone know what these hookup to on your computer to make the connection? Does it take special card installed? Thanks for any input on this, would really like to get this running.

It sounds like you have a Sonic Innovations Hi-pro adapter and a Sonic ‘Y’ cable.The adapter box would (in the past, as it is old technology) plug into a Hi-pro interface. A more modern solution would be one of the Expresslink usb interfaces from Sonic. Which Sonic aids are you hoping to program?

I have Sonic Ion hearing aids. If I get a Hi-pro interface and use 6.4 software will this work with the adapter the same as having an Expresslink usb interface and give me the capability to program my hearing aids or would I be better off to try and get the Epresslink? Thanks

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