Sonic Innova, warranty issues

I experienced problems with my sonic innova hearing aids from go. I started with, in the canal aids, then to the next size up and finally to the next to largest size. The audi kept saying that my hearing loss was so bad that I needed a larger more powerful size and finally that I needed the behind the ear model. I was experienceing squealing whenever someone was close to me and talking, if i bend over it squeals, in a noisy room I can hear sounds, however I can’t understand the words.
I am totally disatisfied, my audi says Sonic won’t exchange anymore even though he was the supposed expert who told me which aids I needed, he did offer me a discount after I wasted 5K on two aids that don’t serve me.
I wrote Sonic and they didn’t even bother to respond, is this typical customer service for a large and respected company.
Bill, frustrated in California

I would highly suggest you have your Audi contact his/her Sonic sales rep and/or trainer and have a Sonic representative be there together with yoru audi on your next visit.

If it is still under warranty and/or if the problem has been ongoing from the start, they may be better equipped to help. Feedback can be a real issue with the Innova’s, but the Sonic reps and particularly the trainers are very good at solving these issues.

If not, they can look at other solutions, such as switching you to their new Velocity product.

I hope that you can find some answers and solutions to your issues.

Thanks very much for your help, I called Sonic and requested a Sonic rep. to contact me, they replied and I have an appointment this week.