Sonic Flip vs Sonic Touch

Hi All

So I went to an audiologist today, seemed excellent, wo reccomended Sonic Touch hearing aids to help with my mild- moderate hearing loss and high pitch tinnitus. I was so happy when I left waiting for Friday when they come in, until I to home and did research- thanks to the postings here- and found the Sonic Flip.

I called Sonic and they explained the Flip is the new technology. Do you think the Flip is better than the touch?

Thank you!!!

The Touch wins in my situation. I just returned the Flip HA’s after a week’s trial period. The Flip is chunky, larger than most other open air aids. Although the battery life was great, they were not comfortable in my ear canal. I constantly felt the need to push the receiver farther into my ear. At times it would simply fall out. My audi tried different sizes of tubing, extensions to the tubing, different domes - nothing made a difference.
Sonic does have a much more natural sound than Phonak Audeo Smart which I also tried. The programming on my Flip was not distinguishable from one program to the next - they all sounded pretty much the same with maybe a minor change.
I am sticking with Sonic for the natural sound they produce, but am now wearing a Touch 6. As soon as I put the Touch in my ears, I immediately noticed a better fit. The tubing rests snugly against my outside ear and stays in place.
The sheer small size of the Touch vs. the Flip is such a difference. I will have shorter battery life, but I’m used to changing batteries once a week and still have a multitude of size 10 batteries left over from my last HA, a Resound Air, which lasted about 7 years.