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I wanted to let those on this thread know about a new group company of Sonova, called Sona Hearing. Our main success has been helping professionals fit more of their patients same day and in turn getting more people to hear better, which is the goal after all, right? We also offer the professional the ability to upgrade the product level, for their patient, during the warranty period! This is now available for use by hearing care professionals in the US market.

Recent Article on Sona Hearing

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank You!:slight_smile:

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Very nice! Let’s see what happens to the “classic” aids…it might need some time that audis and clients get used to it, but after reading some pdf on it sound very interesting to me…

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Do anyone by any chance know how to get a copy of Sona’s fitting software? Many Thanks

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I might be 10 year late :blush: but does any one have access to to Sona : Vogue software
Fingers Crossed

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