Something I find funny

I find it hilarious as a dispenser when I hear potential hearing aid users tell me that they want their hearing aids to be super small and as invisible as possible all while wearing Bluetooth hearing devices that are relatively HUGE and are every bright color you can imagine…

This gives me the giggles.


Do you point to them hanging out of their ears and with a smile say “like those?” :slight_smile:


As an experienced hearing aid wearer I have always just wanted to hear better. I have to say that over the last 15 years ever time I have gotten hearing aids I have been able to hear better. I also feel that the Veterans Administration as been great by me.


It is the age old problem: people want to hear better, but nobody wants hearing aids. Back when I was fitting Lyric (THE invisible hearing aid) patients could not see why I could not get Blue Tooth into the tiny device??? Cosmetics have been a major concern ever since I started working with hearing aids back in 1976.


I guess I learned a long time ago not to let looks get in my way. My uncle was very hard hearing and had the body hearing aid around his neck with the wires and huge ear plugs so he could hear at least some. So when I first found out I was having hearing issues that was the first thing that came to my mind. Then the Audi showed me the aids she had in mine for me and I laughed. She asked what I was laughing about and I told her about my uncle and his hearing aid. To me I will wear what ever it takes to hear what I need to hear. I spend a lot of my day working with Veterans that are just getting hearing aids, and trying to make them understand what their rights are and what they should be doing to insure that they get the fitting, and the support, devices, and supplies they need. I also tell them to be patient and not worry what others see.


Always believed the bigger the better, I have no qualms whatsoever if folks see my hearing aids… I am waiting to see if they will bring out an ultra power Marvel 675 version and I will switch to that from my Marvel 90 13s, which are tiny but I am looking for less battery drain and ultimately more power, the size does not come into it! I cannot for the life of me understand why folk want to hide there disabilty… If you have got it flaunt it! Cheers Kev :slight_smile:


Back in the 80’s I did some work with the VA on hearing aids and was not happy with the products they were providing. I thought it a shame to provide a benefit and then not use the best product. BUT now, the VA provides top of the line hearing aids and I commend them for that. The biggest gripe I have heard is that in some facilities they are using student audiologist or ones doing their last year, externship, and unfortunately they don’t have a lot of hearing aid experience. They are learning a lot more about hearing aids in school today and that is a very good thing. When I started, it was actually “unethical” for an audiologist to sell a hearing for a profit and going through school, their hearing aid training was maybe a week. How times have changed for the better.


I’m not above saying just that, then I show them how small hearing aids are, and we move on. This does make me wonder how the population is going to react to PSAPs. From what I have seen, the Bose ones and others are very noticeable.

I’ve been thinking about cochlear implants lately. Don’t have enough hair to cover one properly either. I hate to say it but I do think about how it would show. I have had big ugly aids and never thought twice about them
Maybe I’m just scared of getting a hole drilled in my head???

Good tread, thanks for sharing.

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My Audi is a Dr. of Audiology and is very up to date with technology. And myself as a retired IT professional doesn’t have any issues explaining my issues to him. I have to say that over my 15 years wearing aids I have had 2 really great Audis and 3 good Audis at the 3 different clinics I have used.

I think part of the problem is that HA manufacturers default to FLESH COLOURED. They have made little effort on the design end of things. Red and Blue was a BREAKTHROUGH. Sigh. Yet still with flesh coloured face plates. RICs seem to come in some variety of silver or whatnot, but still …


Absolutely agree - who cares what it looks like, if it works?

If the emphasis on making the instruments unobtrusive detracts from engineering in functionality, the hearing aid user is the loser.

Sometimes I imagine that if my hearing aids were more obvious, as in the old days, people might notice them and decide that speaking up and enunciating their words might be advisable. But they might just conclude that such obvious instruments must work so very well that there is no need to speak clearly.

Anyway, thanks for saying it, I think you are quite correct.

Darn it, this forum only has a “like” emoticon for posts, there is not HILARIOUS for me to click, for the O.P.!

Giggles? I was LOL’g, thanks for a good belly laugh with my morning coffee.


Wow, your memories of your uncle take me back.

In the early 1970s I lost a lot of my hearing, in fact almost all due to a virus/severe chest and throat infection that got in to my ears where it did some serious damage. My first hearing aid was a body worn model with a wire leading from it to each ear. The wire plugged in to a big white ear piece that housed the receiver and that then had a magnetic ring clip on the ear piece that attached to my ear moulds.

I was really embarrassed wearing it and five or six years later I got my first BTE aids, but they were really large because of the power they needed to deliver. Since then all my hearing aids have been large BTE models and I gradually learnt not to be bothered about what other people thought when they saw my aids, rather than being negative I taught myself to think that if other people saw that I wore two very large hearing aids then they would know that I was deaf


One of the benefits of being a senior citizen now is knowing what’s important in life. As a new user of HA’s they have given me the gift of hearing again and I could care less what they look like.:slightly_smiling_face:


Re OP: Humans are interesting animals & not as rational as we like to think. We tend to give symbolic meaning to (even concrete) things & then behave as though our perceived symbolic meaning is Reality. A (discretionary) Blue Tooth earpiece has a very different symbolic meaning to most people (maybe from perceived socio-economic + techno-hipster status?) than does a HA device (necessary) for a health problem (despite the $$ + techno reality weighing in on the HA side IMHO). I personally appreciate that HAs come in more colors now, including more than one “Flesh” color, since skin color varies alot on humans - another Reality we humans have trouble with.


Most of my Audiologists were at the Masters level. The one I had for the last 3 years was at the Doctors level. They were all very skilled and provided excellent customer service as well. Most recently I was fitted by a Hearing Instrument Specialist–haven’t received the HAs yet, but she did seem to know her stuff. She also mentioned that she wears HAs herself, so that’s promising.


Curious how this fitting goes.
Let us know.

Well money must fall from the sky for you my friend since the Marvel 90 (13’s) just came out a little over a year ago and now you’re hoping to dump those aids so can buy a new Marvel with a 675 battery. I’m all for throw away batteries (and like you) the bigger the better. But when I buy a new aid I hope to keep it five, six plus years before I throw it into the “back up” pile. Oh - and don’t hold your breath on a new Marvel power aid in 2020. Might happen but also might not.

Seriously who really give a “rat’s behind” on the color of a hearing aid. Most women completely cover their hearing aids due to long hair. And probably half the men wearing HA’s also do the same. So 25% of HA users show their HA’s for the world to see and I bet half of them wear a small “in the canal” aid that is almost invisible. But do pick that “perfect color” you want so it matches your lipstick.

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