Something for those who like to wear headphones


Due to my loss, I often have the TV volume higher than other family members like. One solution is to listen through headphones. But, who wants wires? I have tried various bluetooth streamers and all had dropouts even when just a few feet from the TV. They quite often refuse to pair as well. I gave up on bluetooth. Recently, I saw a streamer that works at 2.4 GHz but isn’t bluetooth. Intrigued, I ordered a set. Streamer
I have no financial relationship with these folks and you can probably find the same thing elsewhere. They work very well. The sound quality is excellent. I get maybe 40 feet inside my house before they begin to drop out. At normal viewing distances, they are rock solid.
There are a couple of things I don’t like about them. There are no level adjustments. No volume control. My headphones have a built in one, but it doesn’t work very well. The result it that the volume is a little high. The other thing is that the transmitter has a built in battery, but the receiver doesn’t. There isn’t an outlet near my viewing chair, so I use one of those power pack things meant to extend the life of cellphone batteries. Since this operates at 2.4 GHz, if you have a lot of WiFi around it might interfere with these. They have multiple frequencies which is supposed to avoid this. I didn’t have this issue. Oh, there is one other thing. All the printed information about how to operate them is in Chinese. At least the wall warts have US plugs.



I use a Williams Sound PPA T27 Transmitter (many churches use these), and Williams Sound PPA R37 receiver, which allows the use of your choice of headphones or earbuds (single or dual). 1000 foot FM range and a volume control thumb wheel. My personal preference is a single earbud worn WITH my RIC hearing aids, which allows me to hear room noises as normal and instantly control the TV volume when someone in the room speaks.

This system is pricey, even when you find it at good discounts (check for best price), but they are rock solid, dependable, and work so well, I own four complete systems (two TVs at home, one at my sisters house where we spend a lot of our time and one at work). Even at around $700 per system, I have less than half total investment in TV listening than I do in one set of hearing aids. One of my systems uses a portable microphone transmitter instead of the T27, so I have the option of travelling with it and using it at hotels.



The Williams Sound equipment is very good stuff. Professional grade for sure. Unfortunately, it is well beyond my price range. I opened up my units and found that there is a place on the receiver board for a battery. A few minutes on eBay yielded a small lithium polymer battery that should fit and work. I guess they just wanted to save a buck or two.



There was a thread a few months ago where a guy was looking for a solution that looks a lot like this. I don’t recall anyone mentioning it at the time. So I could listen to a speech simply by tuning the radio on my phone. Why don’t they use that in cinemas?

Anyway, I use an AptX-enabled bluetooth transmitter and AptX-enabled headphones. No latency and I have no problems with drop-outs.

There are other options. Sennheiser have a proprietary analog transmitter/headphones system. There was a brand called Wintal that did a similar thing only much cheaper.



Interesting looking devices. I use a few different things. First is Aerielle i2i, second is AudioEngine AW1 and third is 900MHz Sennheiser RS-140 headphones (not sure of the number, but older model). All of the above sound great and have good range. They each have different purposes in my life but am happy with all. Not all are used with headphones either. I can use them to throw audio wirelessly from say my tv to a remote hifi.



I bought a Bose wired through Amazon Prima day. Really liked them for music. Did not want Bluetooth because of cost and thought it might interfere with hearing aids. It is a bit uncomfortable to wear all day at work. But very nice. Sorry. You were asking about wireless. I would get the Bose wireless if I could afford it if they are anything like these. These are over the ear.



You can consider Sony Digital Surround Headphone System, MDR -DS6500. I have been using this RF wireless device for last 5 years - works very well through walls etc but has interference when I stand close to a Microwave oven. It has volume control. The battery gets recharged when you place it over the transmitter. It costs $290 at Amazon, nearly $100 more than what I paid in 2013.