Some real great days?


First post hear (pun intended) been poking around reading post and did not see anything like my situation. I’ll explain.

I have hearing loss or perhaps just a lifelong g hearing issue, it’s been around for as long as I can remember. Muffled sounds, blocked feeling ears, ringing and missing some tones, mostly low bass tones.

2-3 times a year my head will get this flushed feeling, my ears feel unplugged, ringing disappears and the tv volume is on 13 instead of 30! It’s an awesome feeling! However as quickly and unexplained as it comes on everything is back to my “normal” the next morning, yuk!

Several ENT and Audi have no explanation for this but want me to come in for a hearing test when this happens. I can’t predict that and it typically takes days to get into test?

Has anyone else ever had this happen?

Thank you for reading!



They would probably squeeze you in same-day.



That sounds like Eustachian Tube Dysfunction…

The Eustachian tube should open and close about a hundred times a day. This is why you chew gum when you fly, the chewing opens the Eustachian tube and equalizes the pressure on the middle ear. If it is not functioning properly, you are holding pressure, or vacuum behind the ear drum, reducing your hearing, and almost always more pronounced in the low frequencies.

In some cases this can be surgically corrected. Come to Shea Ear Clinic in Memphis, we will get you an answer.



My E tubes “close” on a daily basis for years. It never bothered me until I needed HA. Watch the video of Dr. Cliff about E tubes. I purchased the Eustachi gadget on eBay for $39. It does work but it needs to be done daily. I suggest to give it a try.



Well Memphis is sounding pretty good at this point! It’s snowing here again!!! Is it “normal” to have your hearing change when your E-tubes open and or close? Example driving down the road and have a big yawn and I can hear wind noise, the blower fan, road noise and that will slowly disappear and return to my “normal”. I have never timed it but maybe 1/2 hour later, maybe 45? This has been such a mystery for me over the years and something I have not been able to resolve. I fix things, it’s what I do and part of who I am. I see a problem and I want to resolve it, whatever it is.

I have always had poor hearing especially low tones or voices. Recently I lost all low tones in my left ear, that is something new and the ENT did not even try to address that. I have requested the past 20 years worth of medical records including all audiograms and ENT notes. These will be coming from several different providers I have had over the years. It will be interesting to compare audiograms and see what if anything changed over the years. Beside the recent issue with my left I do not feel my hearing has changed much if any over the years.

Thank you for your help!



Based on your info I ordered a Eustachi, have received it and am using, multiple times per day. So far it seems to be helping my right ear. I do not feel that “flush” feeling I get a few times a year but I am going to keep working at it and see what happens long term. Nothing to lose at this point!

Thank you.



Great, I’m happy it’s working for you. I do not use it as often as I should, it works for several days before the tubes get clogged.



Hmmmmmm. I’m intrigued! I have the kind of ears that seem to only “clear” if I do a nasal rinse - and even then, it’s just for 5 min or so. It seems like my E-tubes are lazy, deflated or just congenitally narrow.

My question: Can one use the Eustachi with RIE aids IN? Or is it recommended to take the aids OUT of the ears and then do the E-tube clearing? I ask cuz when I yawn or pinch my nose and exhale, my ears do not unclog or open up whatsoever. It’s almost as if the double domes on my RIEs plug the ear canal from the outside, so that there’s no place for the displaced air to go.

Do TELL if anyone knows, cuz I’d sure love to get this device and give it a try. Geez I’d commit to using it every day 10 times if it could help work the E-tubes and get them to stay OPEN. It seems I can hear a good 10% or more with the tubes cleared. Trouble is, they collapse again in seconds.



It is most common with conductive loss, which is what you get when your Eustachian tubes plug up,that the low frequencies are reduced to a much higher degree than the high frequencies. So what you are saying makes perfect sense, and falls directly in line with Eustachian dysfunction.