Some questions, and an Audiologist nightmare yesterday

Yeah, not too much different, or getting fitted for eyeglasses or contacts, that after all that work, tools, fitment, measurements, tests, you come out of there looking and seeing like Marty Feldman?

Or getting Glasses, or contacts? I might come out looking like this!

Either that, or take a trip to my local pharmacy, and grab a tube of KY.

I ultimately want to place these HAs in the drawer as spares, for hopes of new aids replacing these nightmares.

I don’t recall having impressions made of my eyes when I got my glasses.

Does that work or are you joking?

Hello Doc Jake,
I take it you were serious about the use of some pro grip type product to apply to the mold for better HA retention, correct?

I was supposed to send this poor fitting left re-cased HA last week Friday, but haven’t yet.

The pro grip might be a DIY stop gap measure, but probably not properly addressing the fact that they didn’t properly re-make the case from the new impression I sent them. They cut the tip too short from what I can see, and perhaps possible other issues, which of course I’m no expert at. Such as possible incorrect-cockeyed aiming of the sound tube towards the eardrum?

I’m going to call this Tim at the hearing aid repair facility tomorrow, ask him if they do indeed still have the new mold I sent them just a few weeks ago. If not, I’ll offer to again have another impression made ($45), and would also like to ask him if he could perhaps give me an additional 2-3 week’s time to then send not only the left HA, but the right as well, so they can better match the physical size-length of the ill fitting left aid to more closely match the right. There is quite an easily detectable-noticeable difference in physical size between the two HAs.

And the only way I can send both off to them, without being in a world of silence is by having a new pair of working HAs in my possession.

It it wasn’t for this local audi only being there one day a week, and the possibility of maybe waiting 3-4 weeks to get in for new impressions to go off to Phonak for the new Pair of Phonak Virto Q90’s, this wouldn’t seem like its then taking forever and a day.

I would suspect that if for say, impressions were sent out to Phonak tomorrow, the new Virtos would probably be in her office about a week-10 days max. But then again, like I say, try then getting in for programming? Typical of Alamogordo, NM, everything is so “one horse town” here. The aids would be in, then wait another 2-3 weeks for programming?

Thus, it might be September the way this goofy town operates! Sucks!

Hopefully, this Tim will have some good news, and say they will wait, and will recase the left HA when I’m ready to send it.

I use to be amazed… then amused… so, you chose an AuD who works one day a week and bitch about how long it takes to get an appt which somehow has something to to do with where you live. the repair place should be able to send you an impression kit for you to diy it.

The dilemma I face, is that yes, there are a couple other audis in town in which I could probably get into quicker, if I needed just an impression made to send off again.

But, I mentioned that probably the very best way to not keep going around and around with the repair center with mis-matched HAs that I currently wear, I see no other solution but to send off both HAs for a comparo of the two, and then they’ll see where they screwed up.

Otherwise, I’m betting that by just sending off the one, this nightmare will never end.

I thus cannot send them off until I have something else. The new Phonaks. And the online business is sending to this one day a week place for the impressions, fitting, etc.

I’m guessing that the recased aid has a free 6 month warrantee. If so, then I have some time. That’s why I must call the repair facility in CA to see if they’ll allot me some more time before I send these oldies off.

It’s my goal Doc, to have two workable-useable pair of HAs as the final outcome.
Hope this hasn’t further confused.
What would you do? Could you send off the only pair of HAs you have, then be without? I think I know the answer.

Well, some good news, appointment this Thursday, 10am at the local audi who I’ll work through with Choice Hearing Aids. Impressions will be made for the new Phonak Virto Q90 312T ITC with UP power level.

Evidently not set in stone perhaps with this local audi, just only being 1 day a week here, which was always a Wednesday. They’re great people, but their jobs take them to different towns within the state, and as well El Paso TX I believe too. Sure isn’t always easy for people here to make a living, with such considerable travel distances to different locations and other patients.

Went this morning to pick up recent audiometry tests from another audi in town, the folks that tried fitting me recently (unsuccessfully) with the Phonak Audeo V90 312 RIC.

So, I’ll have that in hand, whether another test needs being done I sort of doubt it, this last test was 5-22-15.

I did also receive quotes for a pair of Siemens HAs, the Nitro Micon 7mi ITC, and the Starkey i110Z ITC.
$7,990.00 and $6990.00 respectively. WOW! Choice Hearing Aids quoted me $3875.00 I believe for the pair of Siemens Nitro Micon 7mi. Quite a considerable price difference.

So, the ball is rolling again. Happier right now that I’m starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel again.

Hearing Revolutions has the Siemen Micons Nitro 7 for $2050 each. For only $50 more per aid you could get the Siemen Binax 7 , which I think are their top of the line.

I don’t know what Choice Hearing includes, but the price quotes for hearing revolutions are all inclusive from hearing test to fitting to 1 year support. Plus 2 years free batteries and a 45 day trial. They extended my trial by 3 weeks when I decided to try custom molds and I returned the first one I trialed for a full refund (minus $75 per aid, but I only had one due to my hearing). I brought it back to the audiologist on a Thursday and by Tuesday, the refund was credited back on my charge card. The also would have mailed me a check if I preferred.

Thank you again for this information.
Seems though to be pretty much a done deal with Choice Hearing Aids and my local vendor, I have committed, and will follow through with them.

New Mexico State law is 45 day trial period, and would assume Choice Hearing Aids has to honor that.
There might be some free batteries, but not 2 or 3 years. Hopefully, the Phonak Virto 312T ITC won’t eat batteries like they’re going out of style. Battery use with my Phonak Perseos are not that bad, and expect similar battery life.

I’ll have full factory warrantee whish is said to be 3 years with Phonak’s premium models, but only allowed 3 visits for adjustment, the first fitting being included in that number. Additional adjustments if needed, are $75 per visit, which I would not mind one or two more if needed for tweaking, adjusting, or adding-changing programs.

If problems occur with fit, I assume that will be corrected, and provided I’m satisfied with performance, I think in any case I’m going to come out way ahead costwise versus walking into any vendor’s brick-mortar business, savings thousands of dollars.

Calling the repair center in CA earlier, about my one mis-fitting left aid causing feeback issues, the technician told me “no problemo”, in two weeks or so, to send both, and a letter, and they’'ll match them up, recase again if needed, no charge. Said they still do have the impressions I originally sent as well, so that’s great, no need to again pay for an impression to send them.

PS: I see you linked to RIC HAs. Sorry, but don’t want them, prefer a ITC

A few days ago, I did win an auction for a like new Phonak Pilot 1 Remote and case-belt clip for $60 Shipped.
Better than paying $240 or up for one IMO. That will start me out with the Virto Q90 312T ITCs.

We’ll see how they go acoustically, before thinking about other accessories such as TV Link, etc.