Some questions about hearing aid upgrades

Hello everyone,
I am 28-year-old Nathaniel, since childhood I have mounted a hearing aid (in my good ear) of the CIC type from the WIDEX company, and I have never mounted my weak ear.
My current device is a CIC widex unique 330.
To this day, I have never bothered to test the hearing aids of competing companies, and make adjustments, because I have always managed (studies / work / life), but lately I feel a hearing loss that impairs my routine of life and productivity at work.
After visiting the doctor, he made a number of suggestions:

  1. Use BAHA devices: For example: 1 - med-el samba device type 2. 2- PONTO 4 from oticton.
  2. Use a CROS device.

I started exploring the world of hearing aids and keeping up to date with the new technologies.
And I have a few questions

  1. Are there any CROS devices from companies that have hit the market in recent years? I tested companies like phonak, widex … and all CROS devices came out in 2015- +. Do you plan to release newer CROS devices in the future (I realized that the market is small and therefore do not invest in its development), but maybe it’s worth me to wait with the purchase of the new devices until they go on the CROS devices market.
  2. Is there a hearing aid in my weak ear (left ear) that can provide hearing? (I saw an oticon xceed device), will it help me? Although I’ve never used a device in this ear? Is there a parallel device from WIDEX or phonk?
  3. I work as a project manager, so I am required to participate in multi-participant conversations, and this is where my difficulty in hearing comes into play: following what is being said. Which device do you think can provide the best result? (I know it’s subjective - but I’d love to hear your opinion, and see if there can be a significant change in hearing ability compared to my current device).
  4. In the new devices (for example widex moment) should the audiologist tune all the programs or only the universal program that will suit my hearing loss? To date I have not performed my REM + audiologist because only the main program I did not have to switch between different programs that are in the device.
  5. I saw videos of phonak with their roge r devices such as roger select / pen? Will they give me a significant extra understanding of words?
    I understand, from reading across the network, if I switch to a RIC device instead of a CIC I will feel a significant improvement because of the addition of microphones, and additions that do not exist in CIC devices - has anyone made this transition in recent years and can experience a significant improvement.

Welcome to the forum.
@cvkemp just moved from an in the ear aid to a RIC aid. So far he is very happy but we should let him explain.

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I have wore ITE aids most of the time, but my ITE aids have always been the larger half shell aids with 2 mics. My new aids are the Oticon OPNS Rite aids that have custom ear molds that to me feel just like what my ITE aids feel like. My only feeling of sound difference is the fact the Rite aids have stronger receivers. Oticon has new Cros aids that came out early this year. But I don’t know anything about them.

Wow, this is really similar to my situation, has there been an improvement in word recognition in noisy environments?

Myself and my son have similar hearing loss. He has Widex Evoke F2s and I have IP 440. He has used a roger pen if appropriate but with the 440 the speech intelligence is incredible in noise or meetings. As it dulls surround sound and highlights speech we can often hear better than those with normal hearing. We only have the hearing aids set up for universal using the sensogram and this takes into account the hearing aid type and mould and makes any programmes right for your loss. I don’t change from universal as I find all the automatic sound classes give the best results for me but most important is to get fitted by someone who has a good knowledge of Widex and follows the set up by the letter. Slim custom tips give great speech clarity with the F2s and are almost invisible. There is a Widex DEX device to enable use of the Roger systems.

I am not sure how this will work for your hearing loss but a good dispenser will be able to give you the options, good luck.