Some people lit a firecracker 8-9 meters away from me outside

I was in the bathroom inside my house, when some people illegally set off a firecracker outside while i wasn’t wearing any ear protection. that was two days ago and Iam not having any ringing in my ears, but Iam experiencing dizziness, am I at risk for hearing loss?

If you were in the house the wall should have been just as good or better than an ear plug. The only way it wouldn’t is if there was a window open and the firecracker went off almost in the window.

I understand, are there any articles about this by any chance?

I guess it depends what country you are in but in the U.S. Costco Hearing Centers offer hearing tests for free. If you can find a similar business near where you live, you might find out how good your hearing is and also get some advice from the hearing care provider. Fire crackers come in different sizes but I was once foolishly playing around with a very powerful firecracker(believe it was an M-80 or “blockbuster”-now illegal in U.S.), thought the fuse was a dud, and foolishly picked it up. I then realized it had successfully been lit, was about to go off, and threw it away. I would say it was less than 8 to 9 meters away from me when it exploded and it was in an alleyway, so the sound was partially trapped and reverberated off the walls on either side. I don’t think that I suffered any permanent noticeable hearing damage at that time and I had nothing but space intervening between me and the explosion and the subsequent reverberations. Perhaps you were exposed to a far larger firecracker. There are also free online hearing tests that are only approximate and you might need a normal hearing (youthful) friend to “calibrate” the test for you. You can probably find apps in the Google Play and Apple App Store that would allow you take a test through your smartphone, if you have one.

Phonak’s Online Hearing Test:

(ReSound has one, too, but it’s very slow loading the web page)

I may be wrong but the only HA’s that are locked at Costco are the Resounds and they are locked by Resound. If you move You stand a much better chance of finding a Costco than a audiologist that will program them if you did buy from them. Just my honest option.

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From members here who do program their own aids, Resound and Phillips are the only locked aids with the newer Costco hearing aids.

Are you guys still getting sucked in by this? The pattern is, a first time poster pops up, presents a ludicrous scenario formulated as some distant outside noise has distressed them, and are they now at risk of some health issue.


A number of different things can cause dizziness. If you’re concerned about it you might want to contact your healthcare provider.

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It depends on what kind of toilet paper you use.

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I’ve sometimes wondered if fans of the forum just deliberately post a “provocative” post as a new user to get things going on the forum, get out of summer doldrums, etc., whether by creating a new user with an unusual problem or by just reviving a more middle-of-the-road topic, Android vs. iOS, anyone? Rechargeables vs. Disposables?

OTH, as time passes we all see things in different ways - so maybe stirring the pot from time to time is useful in bringing enlightenment or not. Every once and a while I think of all the good stuff buried years back in the forum that all us newcomers have never encountered (nor will we have the time to encounter in our remaining years!)

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