Solution for chorusing effect

Hi all. I came here after an internet search on the subject of my hearing aids chorusing with any guitar strings or singing whether live or recorded. I’ve read lots of suggestions but haven’t seen any follow ups or solutions to this issue. I’ve been to my provider numerous times and had all of the various suggestions addressed. Compression, feedback attenuation, etc. I have Phonak Audeo B30 HAs so I don’t have the luxury of music programs etc. My question is: Is there a solution to this annoying chorusing effect? When i perform in low volume intimate situations I just turn them down 3 to 4 clicks and it’s not so evident to me. Still there, but can barely hear it. Is this a problem because I’m in lower priced aids or??..Should I return them and go into a higher priced aid? If I stay with these will this problem continue? I’ve read that with time it corrects itself but I don’t understand how that would happen either lol… Please give me your real world experiences. Thanks everyone.

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Welcome to the forum.
It sounds like “warbling”.
Do a search for that word on this forum.
It might help you with a solution.

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Thanks for the response! Will do !

When I first experienced the “warbling” or vibrato effect with music when wearing my hearing aids, I asked my fitter to turn off the aids’ feedback manager, and that took care of the problem.

From my research, it seems that some hearing aids’ feedback managers interpret some musical tones as feedback, and try to eliminate it. The resulting effect is the warble or vibrato that some of us have experienced.

I’m not familiar with the Phonak Audeo B30, but more advanced hearing aids that have a dedicated music program would probably be a solution.

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Thanks for writing! I have had the feedback suppression feature turned off as well as the compression. The warbling has decreased in its intensity but is still there. I’m wondering if I should ask for a replacement set?.. As a performing musician with hearing loss, I need the help for my hearing but find this nearly unbearable.

“I’ve read that with time it corrects itself”
Its a pink coloured fairy tale from Andersen for non musicians to not to disturb audi everyday…

Switch to music preset. (switch off all noise remover and others and switch to pinna omni)

A well toned piano and a sopran are the best testers. My audeo B went overload from that.

To me it also sounds like feedback suppression. Maybe there is a setting that snuck by (renamed or something)? I don’t understand the comment about your (non-)music programs. You have only one program, is that what you mean? I find it hard to believe this is possible in this day and age. Are you the programmer or an Audie?

Hi, thanks for responding! I am a consumer. I turned 65 and my insurance covered $3000 for hearing aids so after seeing an audiologist to get my hearing test, I had to go to the provider in my network. I don’t want to have to take on another payment at this time so I am trying to work with the aids that my insurance pays for. The Phonak’s that I am trying do not have “programs…”
Literally it’s on or off! No bluetooth capabilities etc. I have been going back to the provider over and over again having him tweak the settings. We have done all of the suggestions so far to no avail. He is currently talking with Phonak on the issue and I’m returning Thursday afternoon to see what they suggest.

Phonak Audeo B30 aids do have programs. Are these the aids you are talking about?
Attached is some detailed information about the Audeo B hearing aids.

You can have up to 5 programs including a music program if you the B30.

How would i access them? My provider told me there was no app connectivity. I’ve tried downloading the Phonak app and my earing aids would never connect to bluetooth…

Have you looked at the attachment I put in the earlier post. It answers all your questions.

You will need the Compilot2 to do Bluetooth connections with almost anything.

As Zebras said, you can have up to 5 manual programs on the B30 aids. Those can be changed with the buttons on the aids.

Hi. Yes I’ve been going through all the info, but this is product information and not instructions how to access any of the features we’re discussing on here. When I go in on Thursday I need to find out more specifics. As to the buttons on my aids, the only function they perform is volume up or down.

Phonak hearing aids have 2 types of feedback management. You probably just need to turn off the whistle block.

The audiologist can build manual programs which you can access with a button press or with a remote control.

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Awesome thanks for the info!

OK, so if anyone reads this out there who has been experiencing this problem, it is indeed the whistle block! Got it taken care of and couldn’t be happier. Thanks for all your kind suggestions everyone. And yes, had a couple programs built-in as well.

My provider didn’t know about this nor a lot of other things I found out about after getting my own programmer and tweaking it myself. Imo nobody is going to spend the amount of time to get it perfect but you, and trying to describe it is another issue. Every provider I have had is the $ame way.